Team Anderson & Fans Blog #1 ~ World Senior Women's Curling Championship

Dag En (Day 1): Game day! Playing the Russians at 12pm! The venue is fantastic, and the cow bells are in the building! Last year 23 red hoodies, this year … 2.5 as mine is a flipping tube top! But we shall cheer for all! Went for some groceries, and had my first run in with the Policia as I was driving on a pedestrian only street. He pulled up, rolled down his window, I did the same, said ‘I’m sorry’ then waved and kept driving! All good! Got off to a good start with an 11-4 victory. We were playing in between some curling powerhouses…Hong Kong and Australia … who knew! The other side was Sweden and US. After the game we went to the outdoor bar for a beverage and then onto the opening ceremonies. They introduced all the teams and actually said their names individually. We found it shocking that the announcer had the German skip’s name Streichholzschachtel, roll off his tongue but fell all over the pronunciation of Hersikorn! After opening ceremonies we headed to the Harbour for some supper. Now chilling back at our place with the girls and playing some dice. They play Finland and Sweden tomorrow as it’s their only 2 game day in round robin. Now recall from earlier I said to make a note of those stairs? We are renting an Air B n B and have the main floor of a three story house. The stairs that you saw earlier are the stairs to Team Sweden and Annette Nordberg’s (two time gold medalist at the Olympics and a favourite at the world’s) apartment. Im watching her …. literally. *Photo Courtesy World Curling Federation