Team SK Blog #5 ~ Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Team SK Blog #5

We Split our day! We had a fantastic game this morning against team Wildcard! We played well made key shots when needed and kept the pressure on them. Our second game this evening was a struggle trying to get line and make our rocks do what we wanted. That is sport and we learnt from it and we are ready to regroup and focus for our next challenge. We have lots of positives to take away and we are excited about tomorrow. We play tomorrow vs team Newfoundland and Labrador 12:30pm SK.

We had a great evening out with family and friends in the Heartstop listening to local entertainment. Sharing lots of memories and having many laughs! We are so thankful for all of our fans who made the big trek out here. We have enthusiastic fans that bleed green and always see the positive side of the game. Our fans even got their 5 seconds if fame on TSN this morning. You would have no problem spotting them.

We are happy coach, Lesley arrived safely and happy she could come to the nights game. She is now snuggle in her bed and finally asleep!! She will be raring to go tomorrow. Like us!


Hunkin (left), Silvernagle (middle) & Thevenot (right) deliver their stone during Draw 6 Monday morning (Photo Courtesy Curling Canada).

Jessie Hunkin cleaning the slide path during their game against Team Wild Card Monday (Photo Courtesy Curling Canada).