Team SK Blog #4 ~ Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Team SK Blog #4

What an awesome day!

The hospitality here is second to none. We have numerous friendly volunteers who roll with our jokes all day long. The atmosphere at the arena is so welcoming with live bands playing during our pre-game practices, as well at many local pubs. The crowd is large and knowledgable, it is phenomenal to play in front of. And we earned our first win with our skipper making a game winning draw.

The rain has stopped and the sun is shining. We didn’t run into frost and changing ice conditions like last night. Our team played fantastic today and got a great feel for the ice and looked comfortable out there. All girls played great and made some superb shots. Our goal is to get better every game and that is what we have been doing.

Team Saskatchewan members taking calls during Sandra Schmirler Telethon Day in Sydney (Photo Courtesy Curling Canada).

Kaden watching his mom Kara Thevenot back at home. Born at 34 weeks!

The girls had fun at the autograph session with a Team Canada, NWT, and PEI. After the autograph session we had time for a quick visit with family and friends. Then, we hustled back to the arena to answer phone calls for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation Telethon to raise money for NICU’s across Canada. This is near and dear to our teams heart as many of us knew Sandra as well as Kara whose son was born at 34 weeks and needed the NICU for the first few days of his life. We were blown away by the number of people calling and donating. Thank you to everyone who donated! Today the foundation raised the most money ever from the telethon- over $400,000. All of this is to help future champions receive the care they need in those most critical first moments, days, and weeks of their lives. We were so happy to be a small part of helping the foundation reach their goal.

We had more family arrive today and we are so excited that our coach Lesley won the Senior Provincial Women’s championship out of Alberta. She is now on route to Sydney. We can’t wait for her arrival tomorrow afternoon.

We had a wonderful day and now we need some rest for another busy day tomorrow. See you bright and early on TSN vs Team Wildcard.