Team SK Blog #3 ~ Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Team SK Blog #3

Game Day! We had a wonderful day but just wanted to play!!

We slept in this morning to make sure we are well rested for the week. We had a late breakfast with some family at a local breakfast spot in our hotel over looking the harbour.

We then prepared for the opening ceremonies. The girls took it all in appreciating the music, lights and crowd. When you dream of these moments your whole life it is incredible feeling actually experiencing it. We met up with more family who just arrived and relaxed back at the hotel.

It was pouring rain today so we stayed indoors and had a great supper at the Crown and Moose a local pub in our hotel. We began watching the opening draw on t.v. the girls were excited and nervous while watching and knowing we were next to be in the spot light. But more than ever, they were ready for the challenge.

Jessie Hunkin (left) & Stefanie Lawton (right) sweep their rock during Saturday evenings draw against Team Canada (Photo Courtesy Curling Canada).

On-ice view from Marliese during team introductions before Draw 2 action Saturday evening.

We arrived at the arena and had our usual preparations for a game. I am filling in as coach, while Lesley is finishing up her provincial playoffs in Alberta. We are excited for her arrival Monday afternoon. The girls had a good warm up and had a great game. It was one that both teams struggled at the beginning, but we did a fantastic job switching it around, learning and improving each rock and end. They showed grit and determination to have a close battle. Only a couple of inches away of getting a “W”. We feel good about what we learned from the game and excited to play tomorrow.

A couple of girls went to the Heartstop to meet some family and a few girls grabbed some grub from the room. Everyone is doing what they need to do to get ready for tomorrow’s game.

2:30pm tomorrow vs Team NB. (12:30 sask time)