Curling Rink Lighting Fixture Opportunity

Is your club looking for an opportunity to upgrade your lighting fixtures within your facility..?? Or are you simply looking for advanced technical information to get the process started..??

One of our board members has recommended,throughhisoccupationin commercial and recreation facility ProjectManagement, alighting supplycompanywith specific experience in the design of lighting in curling rinks that adhere to the standards established by theIllumination Engineering Society (IES).Toassist curling centres in upgrading or installing proper lighting systems within facilities, this supply company is offering design assistance, and discounts on LED and other lighting fixtures to member clubs.The most recent club in Saskatchewan to take on this projectwith this companyis the Meadow Lake Curling Club!

Below we have attached the following documents to give you a bit of background information on specifications, various classes of light levels, and resources to help you determine proper lighting levels for your specific club.

Please viewthe following documents:

Curling Dimensional Reference
IES Specifications
Various Classifications
LED Commercial Spec Sheets
Fast Track Training YouTube Video

Thank you for your time! If you have any additional questions please contact the CURLSASK office.