Curling Canada AGM Concludes With Exciting News!

Revamped Curling Assistance Program

An exciting development was confirmed at the recent Curling Canada Annual General Meeting last week.

Curling Canada expressed that there will an official launch of a new “assistance program for all member curling clubs, that will offer low interest loans by Curling Canada to help them remain sustainable over a long period of time!”


Viewing Area at the Melville Curling Club

Rayann Zerr delivering her stone during the 2018 New Holland Canadian Junior Championships in Shawinigan, Quebec (Photo/Curling Canada).

Expanded Junior Championships

Curling Canada’s Helen Radford made the announcement last week that they will give more young curlers the opportunity to compete for a national championship!

With the additional teams, which will begin at the 2021 New Holland Canadian Junior Championships, a slight change in dates will begin as the championship will move to March (previously held in January).

As a result of this, the Canadian Champions of that year will not represent Canada until the following year at the World Junior Curling Championships. This means that the 2021 Canadian Junior Championships will take on new eligibility rules so that players are age eligible to compete in the following season at the world championships.