2018 New Holland Prairieland Curling Camp Awards & Closing Remarks

We Sure “Rocked” It In Nipawin!

The 33rd Annual New Holland Prairieland Curling Camp concluded last week up in Nipawin at the Evergreen Centre where 192 fine young curlers from around Saskatchewan gathered for a week of fun, laughs & many many cheers!!

We want to thank the Evergreen Staff Members, Camp Instructors, Parents, Curlers & especially our sponsor New Holland for their tremendous support! This long lasting camp puts its name on the map and simply cannot happen without the efforts of everyone involved! Make sure to take a peek at our full 2018 New Holland Prairieland Curling Camp Photo Album on either our Facebook Page or Website Photo Gallery!


Camp 2 Gold Team posing during the Camp Olympics Mixed Doubles Showdown

This Red Group were all first time campers! We hope to see them back next summer.

Junior Star Awards:The Junior Star Awards were handed out to one individual in each coloured group that demonstrated great leadership, skill & spirit to all members of their group throughout the week.

Folks Curling Corner Camp Freshmen & Senior Awards:In each camp instructors/staff select one first year camper (Freshmen) and one final year camper (Senior) who demonstrates leadership, sportsmanship & respect to all participants throughout the camp. Thank you to Folks Curling Corner for their donation.

New Holland Camp MVP:The instructors for each colour group gather and select one individual as the camp Most Valuable Participant for each camp.

Laine Peters Award & Honourbale Mentions: The Laine Peters Award required campers to submit applications based on their thoughts & beliefs towards the game of curling within teamwork, sportsmanship, community involvement and leadership skills. Laine donated $250 to two campers (one per camp) to reimburse a portion of the tuition to attend the 2018 New Holland Prairieland Curling Camp! Thank you for your donation once again Laine!

Past Presidents Awards:The Past Presidents of CURLSASK donate money to one lucky curler each camp that contribute to the tuition fee for this years camp! Thank you to all the Past Presidents!

CURLSASK Staff Award: Each year, the amazing instructors and camp staff contribute money for each camp that assist in the tuition cost for one lucky camper each camp. A big thank you to all instructors & staff.

Elite Curling Spirit Award: Last but not least, the covenent Camp Spirit Award! Our Recreation Directors gather each camp and select one coloured group to receive the Elite Curling Camp Spirit Award. The criteria is based on sportsmanship, leadership & spirit throughout the week with campers receiving customized spirit award t-shirts to show off to their peers. Thank you for your donation Elite Curling!


The first ever Orange Group cheering on their team during the final colour showdown!

Camp #1 Award Winners

Gold Group Junior Star – Rachel Schmidt

Black Group Junior Star – Nathan Tremblay

Purple Group Junior Star – Hannah Johnson

Green Group Junior Star – Rylan Cocks

Blue Group Junior Star – Alexis Yurokowski

Red Group Junior Star – Hannah Burg

CURLSASK Past Presidents Award – Jazmine Ackerman

CURLSASK Staff Award – Gerren Petit

Laine Peters Award – Bailey Armstrong

Laine Peters Honourable Mention – Kathryn Bartlam

New Holland Camp MVP – Kali Ann Friesen

Folks Curling Corner Freshmen Award – Katelyn Zukewich

Folks Curling Corner Senior Award – Matthew Merriman

Elite Curling Spirit Award – Black Group

Camp #2 Award Winners

Gold Group Junior Star – Kelcee Kennedy

Black Group Junior Star – Ryan Johnson

Orange Group Junior Star – Chisholm Petersen

Purple Group Junior Star – Lydia Zukewich

Blue Group Junior Star – Savannah Taylor

Red Group Junior Star – Ava Beausoleil

CURLSASK Past Presidents Award – Kelsey Sommerfeld

CURLSASK Staff Award – Jenna Pomedli

Laine Peters Award – Kya Kennedy

Laine Peters Honourable Mention – Landon Field

New Holland Camp MVP – Cody Sutherland

Folks Curling Corner Freshmen Award – Ava Beausoleil

Folks Curling Corner Senior Award – Logan Yakymyk

Elite Curling Spirit Award – Black Group

Billets & Volunteers

Our last thank yous go to:

  • Spot On Restaurant Team – thank you for the amazing meals all week long for campers, instructors & parents at the closing meal
  • Billets – To all the amazing families that took some of our campers under their wings for a few days, thank you!
  • Additional Helping Hands – Huge thanks to any other volunteers or helping hands in the Nipawin area, these past few years have been a treat and you were exceptional hosts to all involved!

Information & Dates for the 2019 New Holland Prairieland Curling Camp will be released at a later date! Stay informed by visiting our camp web-pagehere.