Team Anderson & Fans Blog #7 ~ World Senior Curling Championships

Day Sju

Playoff day!! We got up and got our lucky gotch on, applied our Canadian face tattoos and made our way to the rink. Men’s quarter finals and the women’s first semi final, featuring Canada and Finland.

The girls played well, Great force in one and Sherry made an absolute pistol in 2 that turned momentum to our side. Girls played in control with a slight blip in 7 however they kept it clean in the 8th and Sherry had an open take out for the victory.

I made a mistake earlier and we will actually be playing the Swisstomorrowat9amand the Swedes and the US will be in the other semi final.

After the game, we went for some touring and then heard to the Moose Garden. A family raises moose and have a family of 5 right now. Able to pet them, and her up close so that was pretty cool.

Afterwards we met up with Patty and Sherry and headed for supper. It’s a real great group that we have, have a lot of laughs and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Having said that half the group have hearing aids so they’re just smiling at everyone, no one has a clue what the group from Christopher Lake is talking about half the time, so we just smile at them as well.

Concern 6 – I am not sure what the standard circumference of a washing machine is in Canada, however for sake of discussion we will use the number 157. In Sweden there is not a number written on it, but for comparative purposes we will use the number 29. A small load is a g-string, a medium load is a thong, and my jockey hipsters are a full load.

If you go back to paragraph one, it outlines my concern. I’m going to be up all night doing laundry.

I digress.