Team Anderson & Fans Blog #6 ~ World Senior Curling Championships

Day Sex

Woke up this am and went and picked up Patty and Sherry and headed to the Merino Wool Factory. Thought we could do a tour but was just an outlet store. Then headed to a sports store. Dropped the girls off at the hotel so they could have some lunch and get ready for their last round robin game.

Girls played well and we got the W against Australia. Ended up the round robin with a 6-1 record, tied with Sweden and the United States. Head up record was 1-1 for all, so had to go to the last stone draw, and we lost out to the United States by 1.58cm, or as the boys would say, 7 inches.

The US gets a bye to the semi final and we will play against Finland in the quarter final at12 noonlocal time.

After the game, everyone came back to our house for supper, had 20 people over and a lot of laughs. Denise, Shelley and Breanne rocked the spaghetti, thanks guys!

Concern 5 – We found that there was a little too much information shared at the party…most embarrassing sex stories as told by Anita and Sherry…everything was okay until the sister wives conversation came up and it was time to end the night. I find that sex talk, in the presence of parents, regardless of age, is awkward. It might be ok in Asquith, but Everywhere else, really not good!