Team Anderson & Fans Blog #5 ~ World Senior Curling Championships

Photo Courtesy WCF/Richard Gray/Tom Rowland

Day Fem

Late start to the day as the girls not playing until4pm.Played some cards last night. Cristina Goertzen and her fiance Josh joined us at the house as well. Cristina stopped by to see if we had any pride cream as she fell off her rented bicycle, in the stationary position earlier in the day.

Both Canadian men and women were on the ice at4pm. The men had a quick victory against England. We started off a little slow but came out guns a blazing after the 4th end break. Played a really good back end, but ultimately Norberg didn’t miss much and we fell a little short.

The Swedes are very friendly and I wish that living in the USA for 6 years would have rubbed off more because instead of pulling the Harding, I googled “Good Game” in Swedish and smiled and waved as they went by.

Good Game in Swedish is “Bra Spel”, two syllables, easy enough. Norberg went by, I said that to her and she gave me a sympathetic smile. The same one I give my mom when trying to explain to me what is wrong with the computer. The rest of the team came by, I tried again. They looked at me, as if I was speaking Gaelic. They then looked at me again, the light bulb went on, and they realized what I said…they all smiled and said the same two words back to me in 17 syllables. I will not give up.

Had a group picture done with all the players and fans and then headed for supper. Girls headed black to the hotel and we headed back to our house.

Area of concern:

4 – I am not sure what my average step count is in Canada, however for sake of discussion we will use the number 10,000. In Sweden for comparative purposes we will use the number 173. Being a professional shuttle driver is tough.

I digress.