Team Anderson & Fans Blog #1 ~ World Senior Curling Championships

Day 1

Travel Day:

Group one of the fans left Saskatoon on Monday, April 16, the team headed out on April 17, and another group on the 18th. The last of the fans will arriveon Tuesday! Got ourselves a Hertz mini bus and are rocking it! Have driven on 8 sidewalks and 3 pedestrian only paths but I digress…Had a nice meal with the team and all the fans and ready for competition!

Day One:

Hitting the ice against Lithuania at highnoon. There are 20 of us in the stands, and we are making our appearance known. Pretty cool to hear them announce Team Canada, and watch the girls wearing the Maple Leaf, so happy for them.


Girls came out hot and were too much for the team from Lithuania. 1-0. Cow bells, curling tams and Team Canada Hoodies out in full form!

We only had one issue today but it was minor. The Russian and Norwegian men asked us to step away from the boards as the alcohol from our pores was causing the pebble to wear down in the first end. We respectfully stepped back.

Opening ceremonies was pretty cool! Lots of countries with the mixed doubles competing as well. Gave us a chance to shout out some Canadian Pride. Donna Gignac was able to hang a hockey stick with Humboldt Strong at the arena so that was pretty special.

I’m not sure what the team’s per diem is but if it’s less than a million dollars, it’s not enough. It is so expensive here, it’s crazy! I’m having to start an Uber here just so I can pay for my alcohol. I’m going to try to find Annette Norberg, rattle her cage a little.


Kathy Ziglo

Day 2

Day TvA

I actually don’t recall anything about yesterday and had you asked me what I was doing in Sweden, I probably would have said I was here for the international skeet shooting championships, but thankfully I read my blog and got caught up.

Today we had a bright and early start to the day with the girls playing the Russian Team at8am.

Girls missed some opportunities early, however kept digging and stayed patient and opened things up. 2-0.

We hung around and watched the men play, lost on a measure in 8. Also watched the Mixed Doubles Team beat the Swiss.

Went out for supper with everyone and had a drink back at the hotel with the girls. The talk has now turned to compression sleeves…it’s been noticed that the seniors don’t wear them on their arms – admittedly it is because they wrap themselves from ankle to neck under their clothes. I feel if they were to wear the sleeves in addition, pretty good chance they would just pass out due to lack of circulation.

Tomorrowthe game is at4pmso have quite a bit of time to kill. Some are going out for a hike, shopping, museums. I’m heading to the theatre to try out for the lead in the local production of the “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”.


Photo Courtesy WCF/Tom Roland

Photo Courtesy WCF/Tom Roland