Team SK Daily Blog #8 – Scotties Tournament of Hearts

I think we have lost track of the day and time,
Today was a day off! So we lounged around this morning and finally ventured out for lunch at12:30. We ate at a place called the Bad tattoo .

Everywhere we went people came up to us and said great week, we enjoyed watching you ladies. As not everyone can make the championship round, these gals were by far the favourite. If everyone that lives in BC still lived in Saskatchewan we would be a huge province. Penticton definatley is over populated by sask folks.

After lunch we watched some curling at the arena, or atleast we tried between social media and trying to stay away.

However, today was very exciting and the day was made when we got to go on a tour of the TSN truck, it’s amazing how they out the show together. TSN, thank you for all you guy do for our game, we much appreciate it! We also enjoy the friendships made.

Team Saskatchewan Discuss the Game During Pool Play At The 2018 Scotties Tournament of Hearts(Photo Andrew Klaver, Curling Canada).

Team Saskatchewan Meets The TSN Crew! (Photo Andrew Klaver, Curling Canada).

After the afternoon game we also got to finally have our picture taken with the VIC RAUTER, and tsn announcers Russ Howard and Cheryl Bernard. This Islas definatley a huge highlight for the ladies because they have listened to that voice for a long time.
He thanked us for taking time and apologized for not getting to spend more time with the ladies, as in showing their games.

So much class, so friendly! Truly amazing to have such great people in our great.

After the game the girls went to spent time with their families while Sherry, Rick and myself went in the Heart stop lounge where Stu had some games going on.

Although we didn’t have to play games someone over the mic was supposed to imitate how Russ Howard Yells but instead he imitated Sherry Anderson.

We then enjoyed a nice meal out and ventured back to the hotel to relax and get some sleep for the last game for us tomorrow.

Watch us as they will put 2 ends of each game.

Another day of adventures and more memories made.