Opening Day Wrap Up at the 2018 SaskTel Tankard

Draw #1 – 2:30 PM

A great opening day here in Estevan! The morning saw all teams getting their first chance to practice on this spectacular ice. We are in for a great week of curling!

Laycock vs Shutra: Top seed Steve Laycock took on club-mates Aaron Shutra. This game saw Laycock take control early with scores of three in the first and third ends. This one wrapped up with a final score of 8-3 in favour of team Laycock

Jacobson vs Deis: In a very close battle of the 8th (Jacobson) and 9th (Deis) seeds this match was deadlocked at 3 going into the 8th. The rest of the game was all team Jacobson, picking up singles in 8 and 9. Leading 5-3 playing the tenth, a Jacobson guard over curled leaving a tricky double for two and the tie. Deis attempt under curled and Jacobson picked up two more to post a final of 7-3.

Hartung vs Gedak: a defensive battle saw only singles traded back and forth in the first 7 ends. After eight, Gedak led 2-1. The turning point of the game was a draw that sailed deep leading to a big steal of three in the ninth end for team Gedak. Home town favourites advance in the A bracket with a 5-1 win. They will be back on the ice at 9:00am Thursday!

Kendel vs J.Heidt:an early score of 2 in the second put Josh Heidt in the lead 2-1 followed by a SEVEN consecutive blank ends! It was a missed runback with Kody Hartungs last that led to a draw for two and the win by Brady Kendel. This match finishes with a score of 3-2.

Draw #2 – 7:30 PM

Flasch vs Stewart:Talk about scoreboard management! Team Flasch forced Stewart to one without the hammer in ends 2, 5 and 7; they also picked up two with the hammer in 4, 6 and 8. Team Flasch was two up coming home and made no mistake with the lead. Team Flasch advances in the A with 6-5 win over team Stewart.

Virtue vs Bryden: Team Bryden came out firing, a big steal of 2 in the 6th end to lead 4-3. Team Virtue came roaring backhuge double for four in the 7th by Brock Virtue – Check it out here. Team Bryden answered back with a tap back for two in the 8th – Check it out here. Team Virtue held on for a 10-6 win in 9 ends.

deConinck Smith vs Bitz:A close back and forth game to start – With Bitz picking up two in the first and third ends with deConnick Smith answering with a two in the second. The game changer came in the fifth end – a difficult draw slide too far giving up a steal of four. This one finished after five ends.

Selke vs Casey:This marks the first appearance for team Selke at the SaskTel Tankard; they match up against the defending champions representing the Highland Curling Club in Regina. The lead bounced back and forth in the first half. Thanks to a great sweep by Ripplinger and Springer team Selke picked up two in the 7th to take the lead control of the game. A nosed blank in the 9th resulted in a 7-7 deadlock. Selke, without hammer made a perfect freeze on the button leaving Casey a difficult hit for the win. Check it out here


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