Team SK Daily Blog #5 – Scotties Tournament of Hearts

We started the morning off with breakfast in our room and a smoothie that was average but very expensive. Lol
They say you only have to buy 11 expensive smoothies before you get one free. Although that would only be one more order For us i think we may pass!

So, today was our first 2 game day and although I know these girls would have loved to come out with 2 wins we split the day and this keeps our record at 2-2. And exactly where we need to be in the mix going intotomorrow. Feeling great!

These girls are showing determination and are learning from each and every game.
Although we had a few tough ends we finished strongtonightand are exactly where we need to be. They are going to go out there with smiles on their faces and laugh as much as they do off the ice. So if you are watching us on tv at alltomorrowand you hear the odd comment in an accent you may learn a new thing or 2 about these ladies. Or maybe you will hear Sherry day out some pants on it. That apparently means we need a guard. Maybe they will start some new curling lingo.

Third Kourntey Fesser (left) & second Krista Fesser (right) (Photo Andrew Klaver, Curling Canada).

Skip Sherry Anderson (Photo Andrew Klaver, Curling Canada).

One thing I learnttonightwas throwing in a few candy at 5th end break along with the Healthy snacks of course , was a hit, Rick however, was disappointed that I offered our good colours to them, he jokingly said next time take them one each. Lol.

Anyways back to the day, so as you all know, 2 game days mean the all important NAP. That’s right, you got it eat , curl, eat, NAP, eat curl, drink and then eat before bed.
So while the girls napped and the coach watched the games on TV I decided I best get outside to enjoy the beautiful 5 degree day (I hear it’s cold at home) I’m not all that used to sitting around so I needed fresh air and some exercise.

After returning and the sleeping beauties waking up we had a nice little picnic in our room. It was the perfect snack/ supper before heading back out to play.

After the girls grinded out the win we got to enjoy the night in the Heart stop lounge with the families. Had to say goodbye to Brady but got to welcome Davis. ( hope I spelled these names correctly, it’s late though and my roomie who could correct the spelling is alseep). Thanks for the cheering families, hope you all rest up to be louder then the MOOSE! Northern Ontario fans! I know you can do it!

Some of our fans got a picture with Russ Howard and Vic Rauter, Let’s just say Kourtney is a bit upset she didn’t get to get a picture first. Don’t worry girls .TomorrowVic will have a special time for you all. Along with a tour of the TSN truck , yes it’s pretty cool.

Sherry and I also stayed to get a quick lesson on some rock maintenance, yup Merk was generous enough to share his all important knowledge and our girls are gonna “TRUST IT” alltomorrow.
They will own it!

Tomorrowis a small sleep in before a one game day and a night off for supper with the families.

Keep on cheering!
We love the support and are so greatful.!

Ps. These girls always receive the loudest cheers before games. Sask is the best!

Good night
Keep watching

Third Kourtney Fesser (Photo Andrew Klaver, Curling Canada).