Team SK Daily Blog #4 – Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Hello Saskatchewan!

Although today was only a one game day, these girls still had a very busy day!
As everyone knows it was Sandra Schmirler telethon day at the Scotties. And although a few of these youngens didn’t have a chance to know or watch Sandra; as they were only 2 or 3 years old when she won her Olympic Gold medal,Sandra, her team and the Sandra Schmirler association are inspirations and near and dear to all our hearts.

So on the girls morning off they got up had breakfast in the room and headed down to the arena to answer those phones! It is always a real honour to be apart of the telethon. The girls enjoyed this experience taking 8 to 10 calls each.

Third Krista Fesser (left) & Skip Sherry Anderson (right) discussing a shot during Draw 4 (Photo Andrew Klaver/Curling Canada).

Krista in particular got a call from Guy Schmirler asking her to let his cousin know he couldn’t make it today cause it was snowing a bit to much then asked if he could possibly talk to Jan Betker, yup that’s right she’s still a popular fan choice. They did great and had fun.

Today the total surpassed 3 million dollars of money raised since it began. Can’t wait to hear the grand totaltomorrowof what was raised just today in Penticton, thanks to everyone who donated.

We then headed back to the hotel to have a nice lunch with our coach Rick, then headed to the arena. GAME TIME!!!

We were excited because today was our day for junior stars, we had 2 girls each 11 in their first year curling and a 14 year old girl and a 15 year old boy each who have played for 4 or 5 years. The girls chatted to the kids as they warmed up and sherry tried to remember all the names. One girl decided she thought it was hilarious that Sherry was having trouble remembering them and thought maybe they could mix her up.

The future stars followed Rick in practice and the girls got their game faces on.
Well it worked cause they had a great practice and Krista pinned her draw. This was a great confidence boost for a great team shot, they took that momentum into the game controlling and ended with a Win. They will continue to build momentum going into the 2 day gametomorrow.

We also loved hearing our fans in the stands. They were loud and proud and gave so much positive energy, the girls made it easy making so many nice shots, they had a lot to cheer about 🙂

After the game the entire team went to the Heart Stop Lounge to sign autographs.
We got pictures and had a blast meeting so many loyal curling fans. We continue to meet so many fellow Saskatchewan people that now live here in Penticton or near by.
I had to tell Rick to get with it as so many people wanna talk to him he was falling behind. Or maybe it from enjoying his rye.

We followed that up with a nice relaxing supper for 25 at Boston pizza. It was a great night with the families and great Colin made it in today.

We then all enjoyed a relaxing evening watching some curling on tv before hitting the sheets for a good nights rest.

Tomorrowis another big day. Cheer loud and keep the positive messages coming.

Go green!!!

Time to get some sleep Rick and I do some side bets and well today I lost the 3 games so I need my game face on in the morning.

Cheers and good night!

Third Krista Fesser (Photo Andrew Klaver/Curling Canada).

Anderson calling line during their game against the Northwest Territories (Photo Andrew Klaver/Curling Canada).