Team SK Daily Blog #2 – Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Well day 2 was another eventful day, full of firsts for 3 of these gals. They started the day off with first practice and first time on the ice here in Penticton. They looked and felt great out there! The arena is beautiful and the ice was great! The girls got a good handle on things and were ready for the hot shots in the afternoon.

This year the hot shots was a team effort. The girls gave a great effort finishing with 32 points just short of making the playoffstomorrow. Rick and I of course think we made all the shots so far and are ready to make some bets to keep it competitive on the bench.

We have had great drivers here in Penticton. Thankfully, because after the hot shots we needed to pick up some of the clothing items at 2 different tailors and pick up subs.

He got us where we needed to be and back to the hotel to rest and get ready for the introduction in the Heart stop lounge and the opening banquet where the girls got their Scotties necklaces and Sherry got her second diamond in her bracelet. The girls were so excited and will wear those with pride!

In true Sask fashion we were the last team standingat7:40 pmin the banquet hall enjoying many laughs and a glass of wine. We then ventured into the arena where we watched a few ends of The wild card game and caught up with the Fesser family and some of Sherry’s friends.

We also ran into friends and fellow players Marilyn Bodough, Jan Betker, Marcia Gudereit, Sasha Carter and Teresa Green.
Always great to see so many familiar faces.

We just happened to run into Vic Rauter, Russ Howard and Cathy Gauthier. The girls were very excited to meet Vic Rauter, really a highlight for anyone who has watched years and years of the curling . They knew all his lines like ” count em up 1, 2, 3…”. ” oh no they’ve left it “. Etc

These girls are enjoying every moment taking it all in and having lots of laughs along the way.

We are excited for the opening ceremoniestomorrowat 12and game 1 for usat7 pmtomorrownight. Watch us on TSN against team Manitoba!