Team SK Daily Blog ~ Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Day 1 ~ Jan. 25, 2018

Hello Saskatchewan,

I am honoured to be here with these amazing ladies from Saskatoon and the smile from Delisle (Sherry Anderson).

We had a good day of travels, no delays. With many of my curling travels have come bad weather and airport delays so I was happy that I didn’t jinx this crew.

We got to the airport where all teams loaded their luggage in a van and headed in a school bus to the hotel. Sherry said she felt like a kid because she couldn’t even see over the seats. But We arrived at the hotel got all checked in and settled into the rooms. Here we found out we have an amazing view, from our balconies

(Photo Devan Tasa/Tisdale Recorder)

(Photo Devan Tasa/Tisdale Recorder)

Team Sask followed that Up with a short walk while we waited for the restraunt to open out back the hotel.

We decided we would order sushi as soon as we walked in because we were starving. So before being seated Kourtney and Sherry had ordered 2 orders of sushi and a coffee. Needless to say lunch was great. We even made a friend And maybe even a fan, the server came to our table to “BOND” with these ladies atleast 8 times, evening sharing a video of her dog. Okay maybe we will try to new restauranttomorrow.

The rest of the day was filled with a stop to the grocery store and picked up a few delicious refreshments.

TSN had them do a photo shoot and power poses where they really rocked the serious game face, these girls are here to play. But also had many laughs and fun while trying to be serious.

Krista and I followed that up with an adventure to get her jacket tailored, we thought we were in great hands when our driver said she was from sask! Well we drove on the wrong side on the road, went down a few back alley’s but we made it. We made 2 different stopes one at a seamstress at one at her friends house to get all our tailoring needs met. Thankfully all tailoring will be done and readytomorrow.

These ladies got to Finally welcome Rick Folk the amazing coach to the team. We enjoyed a great supper out and a quick view of the arena.

I must say it sure is nice in there and these ladies are very anxious to hit the ice in the morning. And let me tell you they look great in the Green!

After a busy and eventful first day we are headed to bed for a restful sleep!

Day 2 will be an exciting one.

Kim Schneider
Team Sask 5th

(Photo Devan Tasa/Tisdale Recorder)