Team SK Blog – Travelers Curling Club Championships

Day one started with an early travel day to Kingston from Saskatoon
We have a fantastic crew of family joining us, the flight was smooth and uneventful and welcoming to see green grass and not the white stuff and cold that we left in Saskatchewan
We then proceeded to go to pick up our rental cars where we ran into some entertainment as they didn’t have the right vehicles or cleaned but they treated us fantastic and came up with a solution after a lengthy delay. We all got packed into now 3 vehicles and hit the highway to the 401 talk about interesting. There is no option of pit stopping on that road for extended stretch. Way different then the double lane in Saskatchewan. We drove threw fog,rain and speeding cars, managed to meet the nice Ontario OPP who graciously added sask money to there tax problem as our rear vehicle in the convoy didn’t have tail lights on.
We finally arrive in Kingston and managed to find the santa clause parade route which caused a slight delay. Do you see a pattern!!

Parking at the hotel provided even more entertainment. Compact cars fit. Suburban not so much. We pour into the hotel lobby and find that one of our rooms was given away. Gasp, they did find us another room and away we go to find the southt after Green Jacket we have waited so long to wear. We managed to find 2 sask jackets and2 of the BC men’s jackets. Hotel fixes it and everyone gets their jackets. Off to the bar who do we meet.BC men’s team. Instant laughs drinks and continued conversation. We have managed to meet a few other teams in our travels around the hotel and are well known for our unique name situation
We hope that the team bonding, adventures, and commodiery with the other reps continues as we already have had laughs and the event hasn’t even started.
We hope day 2 in Kingston is a little less eventful as we get to see a few highlights , cheer on our Riders and prepare for the exciting week of curling ahead
Christy walker
Team Sask