Team SK Blog #3 – Canadian Mixed Curling Championship

Today is the last day of the first round robin at the Canadian Mixed Championships, and we’re feeling pretty good!

We definitely learned and persevered through our first two losses to win 3 back-to-back games! YAY! The whole team is getting comfortable with the ice conditions, the green jacket on our back, and settling into our groove. And we’re going to need to bring our A-game tonight against Quebec, who has been undefeated so far this week. Tonight might be a must-win situation, depending on what happens in the other games today but we’re ready for it!

Here’s what we’re bringing to tonight’s game against Quebec: We’ve been setting up the ends perfectly with the whole team working together to get my lead rocks into the best places. Shwags has definitely had “shwagger” out on the ice, as he’s been curling phenomenally and really making a difference in all our rocks with his sweeping ability.

(Photo, Curling Canada)

(Photo, Curling Canada)

Brett and Bruce have been pulling up the back end with more brilliant, clutch shots. And as expected, Bruce is leading our team through the ups and downs with his patience, experience and knowledge.

We’re going to bring consistency, focus and a relaxed attitude to our game against Quebec tonight at 7:00pm, put rocks in the right spots, put pressure on, and hopefully get one more win!!

On another note, we’ve discovered our absolute favourite restaurant in Swan: Y Not Johnny’s. If anyone is ever in Swan River, go eat there!! Team Sask highly recommends it! Jayden would probably recommend the getting a “rootgary” with a “cheesegary”, and grabbing a “toothgary” on the way out (I’m told the Hartungs and Heidt families will understand this lingo). This is adding to my earlier point about how Jayden really has a language all of his own…

Cheer hard, Saskatchewan! A big thanks to everyone who has been following along so far, sending supportive texts and messages, and to family and friends who have come filled the stands in Swan River to cheer us on. It’s amazing to look up when they introduce our team just before the game starts to see a big group of people behind the glass cheering and waving!!