Team SK Daily Blog #2 – Canadian Mixed Championship (Live Streaming SK Game Now!!)

Hello Saskatchewan!

Greetings from Swan River on Day 3 at the Canadian Mixed Championships.

We currently have two games under our belt, unfortunately without any marks in the W column yet.

However, we’ve really been enjoying our time in Swan River so far, on and off the ice.

With one game per day on the first two days of the event, the “young blood” of the team checked out the local gym while Bruce decided he needed his naps and to cheer on our Roughriders.

Last night, the hotel hosted a pool party where the teams played games and had a waterslide competition, which happens to be a secondary passion of mine (lol). My practice and experience at competitive watersliding paid off when I beat Jayden by 0.3 seconds!

Jayden Shwaga (left) & Brett Barber (right) (Photo, Curling Canada)

Robyn Despins (Photo, Curling Canada)

With the opening reception the first night, and the pool party last night, we’ve had a chance to hang out with and get to know some of the other players. It’s a really great group of people here, and it’s going to be a fun week!

The team is prepared for a great Tuesday, sharpening up on the ice, having two great games and hopefully building momentum.



Live streaming can be found here.

(Photo, Curling Canada)

Team Saskatchewan (Photo, Curling Canada)