Early Ice Time Available at Two Sask Curling Clubs!

What a wonderful opportunity for curlers in Saskatchewan and great news coming from two Saskatchewan curling clubs!

We are very fortunate to announce that the Saskatoon CN Curling Club along with the Regina Highland Curling Club will offer early ice access available to all curlers! Please read up on all information pertaining to each club below.

Saskatoon CN Curling Club

Steve Turner (Manager) and his team have been working hard all summer planning and organizing this wonderful opportunity. They have a tentative date of August 12 for ice to be in at the Saskatoon CN Curling Club. Bookings can be made on or after August 8 with Steve at the CN. Please see all contact information below:

Address:1602 Chappell Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7M 3X6



* Please leave a message if you do not make direct contact with Steve or any of the CN Staff!

Regina Highland Curling Club

Dave Loos (Manager) along with his amazing ice staff lead by Darren Gress (Head Ice Technician) will continue to work hard leading up to their target date of September 1st to have the ice in at the Regina Highland Curling Club. Dave will be taking ice bookings closer to the end of August! Please see all contact information below:

Address:348 Broad St, Regina, SK S4R 1W9



*Please leave a message if you do not make direct contact with Dave or any of the Highland Staff!

Have a Great Long Weekend Everyone!