Team SK U18 Women's Season Ending Blog

As the 2016-2017 curling season comes to a close, we, Team Erickson, would like to thank our many supporters and do one last blog that outlines our final time together as Team Saskatchewan!
The Parade of Champions which took place April 29th at the Ramada Hotel in Saskatoon was a great reminder of the many volunteers, organizers, builders and coordinators involved each year to foster the great sport of curling in Saskatchewan. The commemorative evening was truly a success.
Our evening began with the Parade of Champions where we were able to put on our green jackets one last time this season, as a team, and walk beside other Saskatchewan representatives. As the saying goes, “We are all team Saskatchewan”!

Volunteerism and sport go hand in hand, it was incredible hearing the Legends of Curling Honour Roll be called, as the curlers and builders inducted were certainly integral pillars in the development and promotion of curling in Saskatchewan!
At the Parade of Champions we were able to talk to various coaches and curlers about our experience in Moncton and hear about the experiences of others at National events accros Canada! We can truly say that our time in Moncton was incredible! The arena ice was great and the fans were amazing! Curling Canada put on a great event! The volunteers were awesome and the event ran very smoothly! We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the people of Moncton and the many volunteers and organizers of the U18 event!

CURLSASK, the spearhead of all curling in Saskatchewan has been a tremendous supporter through our journey. Ashley, Matt and Pat have been incredible resources and are truly incredible assets to curling in Saskatchewan!
Our journey began at the provincial U18 event in Moosejaw where CURLSASK, the many officials, ice technicians, time keepers, behind the scenes volunteers and organizers put on an incredible event! We hold all CURLSASK events in the highest regards and feel so blessed and honoured to have represented Saskatchewan on a national stage!
We would like thank our parents and fans for their tremendous (unconditional) support! We would like to thank Russ Howard for taking the time to talk to us in New Brunswick. And a huge thank you to Shane Kitz for coaching us this season!

Thanks again CURLSASK, all Saskatchewan curling volunteers, fans and enthusiasts for making our season great!

Photo Courtesy Curling Canada