CURLSASK 2017 Business of Curling & Annual General Meeting Review

2017 Member Sessions

The 2017 CURLSASK Annual General Meeting was held this past weekend at the Ramada Hotel in Saskatoon.

During the day Saturday, we were very thankful to have Curling Canada’s Danny Lamoureux (Director, Championship Services and Curling Club Development) as well as Glenn van Gulik (Director, Information Services and Technology). They carried out wonderful Member Sessions for our curling club representatives to help demonstrate unique and strategic techniques that can be used at the curling club level.

We want to thank Danny and Glenn for taking the time to attend and display valuable information to our member representatives!

TheCurling 101 Member Session presented by both Danny & Glenn provided insight for curling clubs to engage in marketing, promotional, and strategic planning for clubs to maximize participation in their facility. Below is a link to all three presentations to view at your convenience:

Facebook Marketing
Adult Learn to Curl
Curling I/O Curling Registration and Management System

High Performance Coaching Seminar

CURLSASK welcomed Earle Morris who performed a two-day high performance coaching seminar for some of our provincial coaches. This was a fantastic opportunity to assist in developing and creating coaches with material, techniques, strategies, and advice to help improve our curling teams around the province! We want to thank Earle for all the work he had put in to the multi-day workshop this past weekend!A full video of the two-day seminar is available for purchase, please contact the CURLSASK office for more information.

Two other member sessions also took place. A new registration system (Curling I/O) will be implemented next curling season, along with a discussion on CURLSASK fee’s (more information will become available at a later date).

Left to right: Patricia Yeske (President), Ashley Howard (Executive Director), Shirley Stefanson (Administration Manager)

2017 CURLSASK Annual General Meeting

The CURLSASK Annual General Meeting took place Saturday afternoon, with representatives and delegates taking part in the meeting.

Various committee reports, agenda items, and other discussion topics were communicated throughout the meeting with member representatives and voting delegates participating.

Please view the Annual General Meeting Working Papers at the Annual General Meeting webpage, or clickhere.


CURLSASK President Patricia Yeske of Prince Albert (right) is seen passing the gavel on to incoming President Mitch Minken of Swift Current. We want to thank Patricia for her hard work and dedication to the sport of curling in our province where she was a valuable leader and asset to our organization.

Mitch, who was CURLSASK Vice President during the 2016/2017 season, will now take over presidential duties and everyone here at CURLSASK looks forward to working with him during the 2017/2018 curling season!


Mitch Minken (left) & Patricia Yeske (right)

2017 Parade of Champions & Awards Ceremony

The Parade of Champions at the beginning of our Award Ceremony was another fabulous turnout.Provincial teams that attended the parade were:

Women’s Provincial Champions – Team Penny Barker
Junior & U18 Men’s Provincial Champions – Team Rylan Kleiter
U18 Women’s Provincial Champions – Team Rachel Erickson
U18 Open Provincial Champions – Team Cody Sutherland
Women’s Provincial Club Champions – Team Kristi Frolek
Men’s Provincial Club Champions – Team Brent Gedak
Mixed Doubles Provincial Champions – Mackenzie Schwartz/Sam Wills
Masters Women’s Provincial & Canadian Champions – Team Delores Syrota
Masters Men’s Provincial Champions – Team Jim Wilson

CURLSASK Scotty Richardson Memorial Award

The Estevan Curling Club continues to thrive today largely in part to Frank Elberg’s organization skills. At a time when the Club was facing a financial crisis and infrastructure deficiencies, as Club President, Frank’s leadership and long term planning helped put things on track. Frank loved to curl and he cared enough to ensure that curling in the community remained viable by volunteering countless hours of his time to the club. Coaching, instructing and chairing competition committees locally as well as at the Provincial level, and serving on the SCA Board as Region Director all helped to ensure that the sport not only thrived in his community but in the entire South East Region.

Frank Elberg, Scotty Richardson Memorial Award Recipient

2017 Canadian Masters Champions Team Syrota, Legends Inductees

Legends of Curling Honour Roll Inductees

Team Delores Syrota (left) claimed the 2017 Canadian Masters Women’s Curling Championship, and were inducted into the Legends of Curling Honour Roll!

Other Legends of Honour Roll Team Inductees:

Team Kory Kohuch, Mark Adams, Wes Lang, David Schmirler 2014 National Traveler’s Club Championship Curling Team
Team Darren Camm, John Carlos, Mark Steckler, Mike Steckler -2010 National Dominion Club Championship Curling Team
Team Sherry Anderson, Patty Hersikorn, Brenda Goertzen, Anita Silvernagle 2017 Canadian Senior Women’s Championship Team

Wayne Garinger (right) was Inducted into the Legends of Curling Honour Roll.

Wayne has been involved with the Melfort Curling Club for over 50 years as an active member, ice maker, Club Manager and volunteer on many club committees. Wayne served on the Saskatchewan Curling Association (SCA) Board as Region Director for over 12 years and also curled competitively. His overall passion for sports also included Baseball and Softball as a competitor and official but curling seemed to be his sport of choice.

Other Builder’s & CurlersLegends of Curling Honour Roll Inductees:

Doug Lyon (Builder) – Melfort
Gordon Widger (Builder)– Prince Albert
Pat Buglass (Curler) – Saskatoon
Sue Altman (Curler) – Foam Lake

Please read up on all Individual & Team Inductees as well as other award winners in our Annual General Meeting Working Papers (pg. 39-41) ,here.

Wayne Garinger, Legends of Curling Honour Roll Inductee

Pat Simmons (Photo, Curling Canada)

CURLSASK Announces Pat Simmons as Director of High Performance

“We are thrilled to have Pat Simmons join our team, his knowledgeand first hand championship experience will benefit our province immensely. Pat’sconnections in the curling world will help to bring us to a new level” states CURLSASK Executive Director Ashley Howard. “I look forward to working with Pat to reestablishing Saskatchewan as a provincial powerhouse on the national stage.”

“I am very excited for the upcoming year in regards to being named Saskatchewan’s High Performance Coach. I look forward to helping everyone involved with CURLSASK including membership, coaches and staff, and financial partners to build towards a tradition of excellence in the sport of curling in Saskatchewan”, said Pat.

2017/2018 Staff & Board of Directors

We would like to introduce you to the new staff and board of CURLSASK for the upcoming 2017/2018 season.

Executive Director – Ashley Howard

Administration Manager– Shirley Stefanson

Administrative& Championship Coordinator– Anne Marie Dezotell

Director of High Performance – Pat Simmons

Marketing & Membership Services Coordinator – Mat Ring


We are all excited and anxious to get the 2017/2018 curling season underway!

Back (left to right): Pat Simmons, Mat Ring
Front (left to right): Shirley Stefanson, Ashley Howard, Anne Marie Dezotell

Back (left to right): Darlene Danyliw, Jim Wilson, Michael Dudar, Murray Stroeder, Darrell Brandt
Front (left to right): Chad Gareau, Mitch Minken, Christy Walker

2017/2018 CURLSASK Board of Directors

We would like to introduce you to the 2017/2018 CURLSASKExecutive Committee & Board Members at Large:

Executive Committee

President –Mitch Minken
Vice President – Christy Walker
Finance Officer – Chad Gareau

Board Members at Large

Darlene Danyliw
Jim Wilson
Michael Dudar
Murray Stroeder
Darrell Brandt

All members are looking forward to another successful upcoming curling season!

Thank you everyone for a wonderful 2016/2017 curling season! Have a great summer and we cannot wait until the 2017/2018 season rolls around!