Team SK Daily Blog #2 – U18 Men

Tuesday morning started out with opening ceremonies at the Superior Propane Centre. There were many dignitaries from Curl Canada, Curl Moncton and from the New Brunswick provincial government. The organizing committee did a great job organizing these ceremonies. The local high school band also entertained us with some music. We then played Team Newfoundland at 11:00 am and we were victorious. We caught on to the ice very quickly and controlled the game from the first end. We then enjoyed lunch with the parents and GP’s (grandparents) and then returned to the hotel for a rest. Our second game of the day was against Team Northern Ontario at 7:00 pm. It was a close game until we scored 3 in the 4th end to go up 3-0. Northern Ontario came back with 2 in the 5th end. Both teams were making some great shots with fantastic ice conditions. In the end Team Sask came in a close 2nd place as we were unable to score 2 in the final end. Tomorrow we play Team PEI and Team Manitoba.