Team SK – Schwartz/Wills Mixed Doubles Daily Blog #1

Today was a very full day for our team as we travelled, practiced and played. It turned out to be about a 14-hour day. We left Lumsden early this morning to make it to the team meeting and luncheon at 11:30. We went over the rules, listened to Jeff Stoughton and then had a great lunch. Practice started at 1:00 this afternoon for us. We threw a lot of rocks during practice. We had ten minutes on each sheet and we figured we threw about ten rocks per sheet each. So basically, eighty rocks total for just practice. After practice we went for my favorite part of the day: nap time. The nap was very short as for we decided to go catch the end of tonight’s 5:30 draw. There was some awesome shot making in that draw. We saw Mark Dacey make an angle raise double for the win over Ryan Fry and Kaitlyn Lawes. Everyone in the Nutana went crazy over that shot after it was made. Out first game of the championship was tonight at 8:30 against a strong Cotter/Cotter duo (Jim Cotter and his daughter Jaelyn). We had a rough first few ends and gave up two 3 balls early in the game. We finally settled in by about the fifth end but it was a too little too late effort. We eventually generated a deuce in the sixth end. Sam made an in off from a rock in the eight foot to clip out their rock on the pin. It was really close to being a 3 ball but rolled a bit too far after hitting the Cotter teams rock. But a deuce in six was not enough to come back from the hole we dug ourselves into. We ended up dropping the game but we look forward to tomorrows games as we get to play world champion Lisa Weagle and her partner John Epping. Then in our afternoon game we get to play a fellow Saskatchewan team in Nancy Martin and Catlin Schneider. Hopefully the rocks roll our way tomorrow! Sam Wills