NEW! CURLSASK Free Agent Listings

It seems that some curlers around the country step away from the game that they love simply because they cannot find a team to be apart of. With the CURLSASK Free Agent Listings page as a new addition to our organization, we want to provide an opportunity for curlers around the province to display a “player profile” for other teams or individuals to few in order to newly develop curling teams! This is not only directed for competitive curlers looking for teams to compete with, but also wanting to increase the participation of curlers at the recreational level. This could be used in a nightly league setting, or simply as a sub list for curling clubs around the province! If you are looking for a competitive or recreational team to be apart of for the upcoming season, look no further. Visit the Free Agent Listings page here, and get things rolling for next season before it is too late! Any additional questions or concerns, or if you simply want to get started. Please contact Mat Ring at or 306.780.9415! Thank you and hopefully this will help increase the participation numbers for the future in our province!