Tim Hortons Brier – Team SK Final Daily Blog

Hello Saskatchewan, how is it going there? We are coming to the end of our Brier week here in St. John’s, and what a week it has been! The event itself has been spectacular – from the noisy crowds and the friendly volunteers, the great conditions and shot-making, and last night the patch and infamous George Street – all top notch. The play of your Team Saskatchewan was not far behind, ending the week with two hard fought losses against Northern Ontario and BC. They also ended the week having gained a lot of respect from they’re peers on the opposing teams and curling fans in general. This was a week that every game we won we really deserved to win and were within a couple of shots of winning a couple more – very respectable for a first year team and three Brier rookies.Tonight Catlin is being recognized as a first team all-star at the third position – a position he contested with the likes of Mark Nichols, Marc Kennedy, Ryan Fry, John Morris, BJ Neufeld etc..

Photo Credit: Curling Canada/Michael Burns

This is a great and well deserved accomplishment – but also a sign of great play in front of him and proper icing and line-calling by our skipper, who did a great job of that all week. Your team was fiery and competitive, but humble with victory and gracious in defeat and most definitely will take a lot from this week moving forward and be better for it. They quickly became favorites with fans wherever they went throughout the week and certainly were a pleasure for me to be around. We will hope they stay committed to future excellence and continue to strive towards bringing the Brier title home to Saskatchewan. Till then, we will enjoy the 1 vs 2 playoff game tonight and will be returning back home tomorrow. It was a pleasure, as always, to wear the Green and White!