Tim Hortons Brier – Team SK Daily Blog #4

Hey Saskatchewan, hope you took the week off work to watch some curling. Game wise it was a hard fought day with the always tough Quebec and hometown Newfoundland. I think every curler can relate to situations thinking back where a draw for instance thought good is missed one way and then missed again in the opposite manner due to a changing or different path. I try not to think back as I have far too many of these examples to relate to. That was the story of our game against Quebec – just ever so slightly missing weights which affects line amplified always on Brier type ice. Our night draw against Newfoundland the boys played great, gave ourselves chances, and if not for an unfortunate pick, may well have had a chance to win in the 10th end. The real trick is to overlook the result of the game, and focus on the inner workings of the contest with both wins and losses – easier said then done but important. The play against Newfoundland will serve them very well leading to day 4 of play here at the Brier. Sure a fun atmosphere to be a part of last night – another full building, but the crowd wasn’t overly loud which meant we were doing our part.


Photo Credit: Curling Canada/Michael Burns

Brier Bear came down to pay Jules and I a visit behind the sheet last night. This will be the last Brier for the annual mascot – fitting in the now hometown of Reg Caughie, the man behind the bear. This marks the 37th straight Brier for him, beginning in 1981 in Halifax. He seemed to have quite a conversation with Jules Owchar, now coach of Team Newfoundland and long time coach of Kevin Martin – I can only imagine the amount of curling those two have witnessed first hand over the years.

Another shout out to the sponsors who played such an important part in helping Team Casey become Team Saskatchewan – Torq Energy, Dash and Reed Sport Medicine, Asham, Hardline, Regina Motor Products, Maxim Chemical, Long Ball Golf Apparel, Fountain Tire, Cypress Motors, Wheatland Machine Shop, Fabro Machine Shop.

Thank you for the support – you are partnered with a great group of young men whose character and passion for the sport are second to none and who will continue to fight through thick and thin to represent you very well.

Tuesday begins our 4 draw in a row stretch – not every team has them but we do, so a lot of curling upcoming. This is where boys become men, and so I’m thinking my man Catlin may finally have sprouted some underarm hair come Thursday morning. Take it easy back home, take your tv in to work, take your work home to your tv, heck quit your job and tune in – just get your priorities straight. Take it easy Saskatchewan – talk with you tomorrow.