Tim Hortons Brier – Team SK Daily Blog #3

Well, true to the last blog – I had an entire family blow by my hotel window today, and I’m on the 5th floor. They somehow still managed to wave on the way by though.

Hey Saskatchewan, hope all is well back home. Today was a building day for the boys in green – building on our first game, building confidence with the ice, rocks and atmosphere, and building momentum leading into tomorrow.Enjoyed the morning game bench play by play with none other than The Ol’ Bear. We managed to solve a lot of problems and create many more in doing so ( picture included). I will admit life on the bench, although different from a control standpoint, has been fun with these guys!


Photo Credit: Curling Canada/Michael Burns

After our two games today we were off to the patch for Adam and Catlin’s ‘Up Close and Personal’ session – a free for all question and answer hot-seat. Luckily they were partnered with B.C. and Johnny Mo – so although Catlin got harassed a bit for being a Brier rookie, John got most of the attention and the tuff questions. Then to supper at a great little place called the Underbelly. Team Casey / Team Saskatchewan has a tremendous sponsor here at the Brier all week in Torq Energy Logistics, who hosted the supper inviting not only the team but all family and supporters as well. Big thanks to Ellen and Steve Smith and Jarrett Zielinski for your involvement in curling and Team Sk, and for the kindness shown to us all for a fantastic evening with family and friends.I also want to thank on behalf of Team Sk all of those family, friends and supporters who travelled so far to be with us this week. Your support is tremendous here, but it is the support week in and out that gives a team the chance to be successful, and no team could do it without tremendous backing on the home front from family and friends.

Tomorrow we start our four draws in a row stretch – one at a time. My experience has told me that everyone is full of energy opening weekend and Wednesday / Thursday as their is light at the end of the tunnel if you are still in the mix, but Monday and Tuesday at the Brier are the days to not get lazy with the little things that make a team successful. Out working and out energizing our opponents won’t hurt – that is for sure.

Till tomorrow!!