Scotties Tournament of Hearts – Team SK Daily Blog #8

Perhaps not the finish on the ice that we wanted in the morning against PEI. We had some chances early but never could quite get momentum going. Even though we finished with a loss, there were still lots of smiles and yes, you guessed it… some tears. Tears of sadness, tears of happiness and tears of a long week of many up and down emotions.

After the game we headed to the Heart Stop for visiting with the families as really there wasn’t much time for that with our schedule. We also went for dinner tonight with those families still here, as some have departed or are on their way out soon. It was a great meal and good atmosphere.

After dinner we headed to the arena for the 1 v 2 game, where we were part of the crowd sweep (pass the bucket) after the 3rd end for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation. The team was happy to be part of this as they didn’t get to answer phones at the telethon. After the game we found our way to the Heart Stop for some bevies and visiting with other teams and being rock stars. The gals definitely made some fans here this week.

We have an 8am flight out of Toronto so the 5:30am pick up will probably have a few sleepy heads on there.

Merv has the same record we did this weekend with only won one win on roll up the rim at Tim’s. But I think our win to games played ratio is waaaaay better.

The team would like to thank all those who supported them on the journey from provincials to the Scotties. The support was overwhelming. The team’s yearly sponsors were:
Main Street Dental – Moose Jaw
Inland Concrete

Also special thank you to the sponsors and donors that came on board after the provincials:
Balance Plus
5th Avenue Collection – Colleen Ackerman
Schlamp Farms – Mossbank
Curl Moose Jaw

The team that played here this week was not the same team that was at provincials in how they can perform on the ice. And they are not the same team who will come home after this experience. This team never once stepped on the ice here wishing to lose or wanting to give up. They may not have performed as well as they wanted or needed to, to produce more wins, but they learned and gained experience to become better. They had an experience that they will cherish forever. It is tough in sport to be proud of yourself when you don’t get the result you want, but this team can be proud of who they are as individuals and as a team. They are a class act on & off the ice. No regrets!!

And yes…. there will be tears when they read the end of this blog, but they began this journey with emotion and so should they finish it the same.

Thanks for reading.

Photo Credit: Curling Canada