Scotties Tournament of Hearts – Team SK Daily Blog #7

My blog yesterday may have been a little ‘frosty’ but it is a long week and having EVERY evening draw means not really getting to bed early, even if you behave and do not attend the Heart Stop Lounge… So hopefully this one is a bit more entertaining.

First off, if anyone finds our monkey running around St. Catharines they can keep it! It is the small victories that count and getting the win this afternoon against NS counted for a lot for this team. And of course, there was some tears.

Ice conditions are still an issue. The ice crew is scraping at the 5th end because they just can’t keep the frost off the surface for an entire 10 ends.

I have NEVER heard of this happening in a competition before, let alone the Scotties. But take it from a team who had to play 11 ends in the frosty conditions… we are pleased with the decision. The ice crew is doing a decent job of a not so great situation. And the teams are being very professional about it as well.

The evening game against Team Canada was not our best effort. The girls just couldn’t position rocks and Canada did. They got a deuce and a couple 3 enders in the first five ends that put us behind the eight ball and in tough. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come back.

Merv was provided a surprise this afternoon by one of the volunteer drivers and his wife with his own ‘reserved seat’ sign. If anyone knows Merv, he likes routines and one of them is finding his waiting chair in the hotel lobby. The drivers always know when we are coming because Merv is waiting in his chair so they thought it would be fun to make sure it was reserved for him.

Danielle was finally introduced to a game called ‘Bite the Bag’… she thought it would be soooo easy… but it isn’t for those of us who are not that flexible. She figured it was a good way to stretch for pre-game. Or perhaps figured out she may need to work on her flexibility. Lots of laughs had in the locker room and even had a few other players join in the fun.

Photo Credit:Curling Canada

And to top of a great week… Lorraine gets randomly selected for a drug testing after the evening draw. I guess even rookies and a team at the bottom of the standings isn’t immune. They tested a total of 4 athletes from the evening draw. She can provide details about peeing in a cup with someone watching. Haha

One more game against PEI in the morning and we are looking to finish on a winning note!! Thanks Sask curling fans for having our back this week and patiently waiting for us to give you something to cheer about. Hopefully we can give you one more thing tomorrow.