Scotties Tournament of Hearts – Daily Blog #5

Curling is hard!

In the 4th end of our morning game against Alberta, I was sure that the curling gods had heard all the prayers everyone back home obviously said when Penny had a fortunate miss that turned out really well for us. The team took control of the game with a 3 ender in the 6th end and managed the scoreboard well to be 1 up coming home with hammer. Unfortunately Penny missed a draw in 10 and then was just shy of making an in-off for the win in the extra end. They definitely had a great handle on the ice and made some great shots all game.

After the game, we rushed to the Heart Stop Lounge for Up Close and Personal. Penny and Deanna joined Chelsey Carey and Amy Nixon from Team Canada to answer questions from audience so they get to know the players.

Some great questions and as always the gals handled it all perfectly. After it gave us some time to hang out in the lounge with the families to visit, play some cool curling and share some stories. Jamie Schneider may have a few of those!! Lorraine’s friend and previous curling teammate, Ashley Desjardins, arrived as well and has brought some new energy to our fans in the stands.

The ultimate and most colourful curling fans, Hans and Judy Madsen from Yorkton, SK are here of course cheering on every curling team but we all know that they are really cheering for us. Hans has actually been in the Sask green 3 times but I missed getting the pic the first time so we only got the two pics with them.

Evening draw was against the undefeated Ontario team. We tried hard to slay the giant but even though we put together a pretty solid game, it is hard to beat a team playing 92%.

Perhaps a sacrifice to the curling gods is next??? As long as the team doesn’t sacrifice me I am all for it.

We finished the night off at the Heart Break… er….Stop Lounge with the families & fans.

Thank you for the texts, messages, posts on social media giving encouragement to the team. It means a lot to them to know you are so well supported by our Sask curling family.