Scotties Tournament of Hearts – Daily Blog #3

A very quick sleep for the team and back on the ice against Team MB. I think most of you would have probably saw the result on TSN. The gals felt better about the ice and where to out the broom, but struggled with draw weight. That darn 8th end and giving up 3 points…I think we should petition curling Canada to remove the 8th end of games and go right from 7th end to the 9th end.

After the game, we had quick lunch delivered by Kelly Barker, Penny’s husband who arrived later last night as we had to be whisked away to the Heart Stop Lounge for the autograph session. While eating our Subway sandwiches in the hockey dressing room… Penny says “It seems a bit wrong to be eating in a hockey dressing room.” Welcome to the Scotties Penny… every team has done this at some point!

After the Autograph session, the team stopped by the Sandra Schmirler Telethon as Sunday is always Sandra Schmirler Day at the Scotties. The gals made their donations ($500 total from the team) and then they went to rest for the afternoon. Merv and I stayed to answer phones at the Telethon for a bit. He was busier than me on the phone but I brought in more $$$$ than him! One gentleman from Biggar, Sask gave more dollars because I answered the phone. At least, that’s what he told me.

Prior to the evening draw, we had our two Junior Stars. Cooper and Julia. They were pretty thrilled about hanging out with the team and especially the green & white BalancePlus brooms we gave them. (Thank you to BalancePlus for helping us provide the brooms) They were introduced with us on the ice at the start of the game in front of the crowd. I may or may not got excited when they introduced me as I was walking out and waving to the crowd, as I ran straight into Danielle who had already stopped. #iamusuallyinfront

So game #3 vs Northern Ontario game can be summed up with Krista McCarville’s “Surprisingly Unexpected” shot in the second end for two, when it really looked like we had them forced to one. The scoreboard really didn’t reflect how the girls played or felt. They did many things better and feel good about that.

Almost all the fans/family have arrived with the exception of Deanna’s who get here Monday. Kelly Barker, Leon Roy and Barb Barker – Penny’s husband, dad and mother-in-law. Justin Sidloski – Lorraine’s boyfriend and Callon Hamon – 2016 Team Sask second and one of Lorraines’s besties. Jamie, Kathy and Jill Schneider – Lorraine’s parents and sister.

Tomorrow we are spending some time with the family and friends at Niagara Falls as we only play in the evening. Stay tuned to see if Merv tries to go over the falls in a barrel …..

Also in case any of my friends are wondering, I found the LCBO and the ice machine. So the wine & beer are safe!!