Scotties Tournament of Hearts – Team SK Daily Blog #2

Saturday Feb 18

Well one would think that when you do not have any commitments until Opening Ceremonies at 1pm (or 1:30 if you are a 5th player trying to get fired) that the team would sleep in all morning, however, our nutritionist will be happy to know the team was up for breakfast at 7:30. This week is a long grind and to keep mind and body sharp, good nutrition is a must to fill that fuel tank every day so this team has committed to a plan.

The morning was pretty relaxing though for the gals. I had a media interview at the arena in the morning so Merv & I headed there. The girls went downtown, close to the arena, for lunch. The Meridian Center is an excellent facility right downtown with a pedway bridge to one of the main downtown streets with shops and restaurants.

Opening Ceremonies was as traditional as they get with bagpipes, speeches, O Canada and throwing of the opening rock. There may have been a couple tears and wet eyes again as we were marched out and introduced. I will get used to this yet as I am sure it may happen again at some point! But it is truly one of the greatest attributes of this team – they are real and they are all heart! Marilyn Bodogh, two-time Canadian Champion threw the opening rock. Marilyn has been instrumental in doing all the ‘little things’ from the host committee to make us feel very special so far.

And guess what .we got to curl today!!!!…. While the game result was not what the team wanted (losing to Newfoundland), there was lots of learning out there tonight. About the ice, the atmosphere and ourselves. The girls look great in green & white especially when they are throwing rocks at houses Good thing that we get to do that again bright & early tomorrow morning.

Some family arrived today to see the evening game. Sheila Roy, Dane Roy and Natalie Swanson and Jina Barker – Penny’s mom, brother and his girlfriend and sister-in-law & Brad Sicinski – Danielle’s dad. More fans are arriving late Saturday night so we will have a great cheering section for Sunday morning (those fans will get special mention tomorrow).

Tune into TSN Sunday morning as we are the feature game against Manitoba – Michelle Englot! I know some Sask fans will be torn on who to cheer for, so cheer for good shots or just commit and cheer for Team Sask!! 🙂

Amber – Team Sask 5th