Schneider Name Well Represented at National Stage.

Catlin, Lorraine, & Jamie Schneider Win 2017 Provincial Titles

When you take a look before your curling game and see the name Schneider on the board, you know you are in for a tough battle ahead, no matter which Schneider ends up stepping on the ice. As for the year 2017, it was one to remember for the Schneider family, who will have three representatives participating at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts as well as the Tim Horton’s Brier! First we have Lorraine Schneider (daughter to Jamie & sister to Catlin), who plays on the Moose Jaw based rink of Team Penny Barker, who won the provincial final a few weeks ago at the Viterra Scotties Women’s ProvincialChampionship in Melville with a 10-7 victory over Robyn Silvernagle of North Battleford. She will now join her team in St. Catharines, Ontario to represent Saskatchewan at the 2017 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Catlin Schneider (Third – Team Casey)

Lorraine Schneider (Second – Team Barker)

New Team & New Look Pays off

Then we have Catlin and Jamie Schneider (brother and father to Lorraine). Who recently captured the SaskTel Tankard Men’s Provincial Championship in Tisdale this past week by defeating three time defending champion Steve Laycock. They play with the Regina based rink of Team Adam Casey and will travel to St. John’s, Newfoundland to compete at the 2017 Tim Horton’s Brier.

As Team Meachem lost the provincial final to Steve Laycock one year ago, last year looked a little different with two members joining new teams (Brady Scharback & Aaron Shutra), which in came Adam Casey from Prince Edward Island along with Dustin Kidby of Regina. “The first season was definitely a roller coaster of ups and downs”, says Catlin. ” We struggled early to find the proper positions and figuring out each person’s personality/place on the team. It took us a while to click, but once we did we were firing on all cylinders.”

Catlin not only played within the men’s tour throughout the first half of the season, but also is apart of the Mixed Doubles duo with Nancy Martin of Saskatoon, who will make a run at the Mixed Doubles Trials coming up next year! ” Managing both a mixed doubles schedule as well as a men’s schedule has been a bit of a battle. Since September my life has been hectic, and I thank Nancy for assisting me with the organization of our mixed doubles life (scheduling, flights, hotels, etc.). I also started an engineering job right at the beginning of the curling season, which has added to the craziness a little bit as well. But I love to keep busy and am use to the lack of sleep I have been getting! But it seems to keep me out of trouble most of the time which is a bonus!”, Catlin reflects on the past few months. Catlin and the rest of Team Casey have welcomed Pat Simmons (coach) to the team, who will be of great assistance as they take in practicing, mental sports training, and other facets to preparethem for the Brier in March.

Team Casey (left to right) – Adam Casey, Catlin Schneider, Shaun Meachem, Dustin Kidby, Jamie Schneider

1990 Labatt Brier (left to right) – Jamie Schneider, Rick Schneider, Mike Schneider, Larry Schneider

Jamie’s Valuable Experience an Asset for Team SK

Catlin’s father Jamie won a national junior championship in 1983, and also attended the 1990 Labatt Brier. It was not only Jamie who represented the Schneider name at that 1990 Labatt Brier, but in fact all four Schneider brothers made the journey together to represent the province of Saskatchewan, losing a tough tiebreaker match 7-6.Jamie, who was the coach at the 2017 SaskTel Tankard Provincial, will move into the fifth position on the team. Jamie will also bring beneficialexperience along with Pat for Team Saskatchewan at the Brier.”This was a good fit for us to add experience to the team, and I was willing to make the changes to strengthen the team”, Jamie reflecting on the coaching change heading into the Brier. I had asked Jamie if there was any different preparations heading into the Brier as he is now the fifth player and his response was quite hilarious! “LOL, Yes I am now back in the gym! But on a serious note, I have had many meetings and conversations with Pat to help me catch up with the rest of the team.”

The Schneider household has been a crazy one in the past few weeks since Catlin, Lorraine, & Jamie have won the provincial championships. But Jamie agrees it has been “a good kind of crazy”! “We were beyond excited that Lorraine now hasa chance to go to the Scotties while Catlin heads to the Brier, we are so proud of both who are able to achieve their dreams and having them come true in one year is simply incredible”, Jamie reflects on the past few weeks. While Jamie was in Melville a week before winning the Tankard, he was a spectator watching Lorraine win her provincial final instead of behind the scoreboard as a coach, and admits that they do have their differences. “Watching as a spectator and not being on the ice is definitely more stressful! It’s nerve racking at times, but as a coach it is stressful in many other ways. At times I have input into shot types or strategy which makes you feel a part of what is happening on the ice.” Jamie is thrilled to be able to travel with the team and says that “we don’t take lightly the honour of being able to represent our province, so we are going to leave it all out there!”

Team Barker (left to right) – Penny Barker, Deanna Doig, Lorraine Schneider, Danielle Sicinski, Merv Fonger

Lorraine Headed to St. Catharines for Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Only a few short weeks before Catlin and Jamie hit the ice in St. John’s, Lorraine will take her first steps onto the national stage at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. “It has been a crazy past few weeks between juggling work, school, and our teams preparation for the upcoming Scotties. My teammates have taken care of most of it and I am very lucky to have them!”. Similar to Team Casey, Lorraine just recently joined Team Barker at the beginning of the season, with the team having not played much this year leading up until the provincials. “Before we won provincials I thoroughly enjoyed playing with these ladies, we just go out and have fun playing the sport we all share the same passion for. We are now all sharing the same experience of achieving our first dream (winnning a provincial championship), and now more excited to embark on the next dream together”, Lorraine explaining her first season with the team.

Now that Barker will represent Team Saskatchewan at the Scotties, the team has been preparing with coach Merv Fonger andadding Amber Holland as their fifth player. “We have practiced as a team when we can find time to get together, and have also sat down with a sports psychologist to ensure we are prepared as we head to St. Catharines. Since Amber has been to this level before, she has given us a lot of guidance as to what we need to expect!” Lorraine also touches on how past Schneider success’ and experiences that will also help herself prepare for the big stage, “I have tremendous support from all of my family as they know what it is like to be at a national competition. I have chatted with my good friend Callan Hamon (represented Saskatchewan at the 2016 Scotties Tournament of Hearts with Team Jolene Campbell) about scheduling and other specifics while they were at the event. I also chatted with Kim, as she gave me advice about going out and enjoying every moment of it!”

2011 Scotties Tournament of Hearts – Kim Schneider (left) & Amber Holland (right)

Kim & Tammy Schneider (Cousins to Catlin & Lorraine)

Let us not forget about the previous Schneider’s that have found themselves participants and champions at the national stage. Kim and Tammy Schneider won the 2011 Scotties Tournament of Hearts defeating Jennifer Jones in the final, and going on to win a silver medal at the World Championships in Denmark. Then there is Coach (fifth at Brier) Jamie Schneider who was a Canadian Junior Champion in 1983 with his rink out of the Kronau Curling Club. “Ihave heard a lot of stories and experiences from Kim, Tammy, and my dad about their trips to these national events, and am finally lucky to experience it on my own!”, expresses Lorraine. As a family, we play the game as a passion, whether we win or lose we ultimately play the sport because we love it.” The Schneider’s always made curling weekends, “family weekends”, where they learned about the game at a very young age at the local Kronau Curling Club.

Proud Family Name to be Apart of!

From a curling fan perspective, if we all sit down and think about what this family has done for the sport of curling not just from a competitive point of view, but for the community in and around the Kronau area, it is truly remarkable!

“It definitely feels great to now be a part of the success with such a deep family history in curling. It is definitely something that has helped me get to where I am, being around the game for so long and having so many close family members to watch and learn from,” said Catlin. Jamie explains that the kids naturally picked up the desire for curling fromafun and recreational standpoint, but has turned into more of a competitive passion over the years. “I would say that curling in Junior’s & Universities allowed them to meet many great people from many different provinces which ultimately built their love for the game. It has been a joy for both Kathy and I to watch, help, and develop a pathway towards their goalsand making their dreams come true!”

2011 Team Saskatchewan (left to right) – Amber Holland, Kim Schneider, Tammy Schneider, Heather Kalenchuk

Schneider Family (left to right) – Jamie, Lorraine, Jillian, Kathy, Catlin

Photo Credits:Curling Canada, Devan Tasa, Brian Morris, Schneider Family

Jillian (daughter to Jamie & Kathy), and ultimately the biggest cheerleader over the years for both Catlin & Lorraine, is working her way up the junior ranks in the province as well sharing the same passion for this great sport as the rest of the family. Jamie explains that “once the hard work starts to pay off, it just makes the helping and following that much sweeter!”

Team SK Schedule at Scotties & Brier

Scotties Tournament of Hearts – St. Catharines, ON

First game for Team Saskatchewan begins Saturday February 18 @ 7:30 p.m. vs. NL

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Tim Horton’s Brier – St. Johns, NL

First game for Team Saskatchewan begins March 4 @ 3:00 p.m. vs. MB

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