Team Craig Provides Inspiring Story to All Curlers

“Simply a coincidence all of us played together under these circumstances”

The Dale Craig rink out of the Saskatoon Nutana Curling Club began this years SaskTel Tankard Men’s Provincial Championship on a high note winning their first two games finding them a spot in the A Event semi final. Craig and his squad played some fantastic curling throughout the week,and continued to in their next three games. But in curling sometimes you run into “hotter” teams than yours and this seemed to be the case, as the team dropped three games in a row and find themselves eliminated from this years Tankard. Aside from their performance from this years provincial, Team Craig provides an important message and story involved with their personal lives to all curlers involved in our sport.

Dustin Phillips (Second)

Unfortunate Life Events Do Not Stop These Guys From Doing What They Love

Each member of Team Craig have at one point been diagnosed with cancer, or in Grant Scherichs case stillexperiencing symptoms and testing for cancer. Let us take a quick look at each player’s background and journey they have gone through in the past number of years.

Dale Craig (Skip)

Dale was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in 2008, which had spread to his liver. He had surgery in Saskatoon that unfortunately went unsuccessful. Dale then traveled to Edmonton where the specialists performeda very successful surgery, and Dale is now cancer free today!

Dustin Phillips (Second)

Dustin Phillips was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lymphoma back in 2006, leading to him having had surgery that removed the original tumor. Dustin went through chemotherapy for three straight months and has been cancer free for 10 years now!

Cory Fleming (Third)

Cory was diagnosed with Aggressive Non-Seminoma Cancer, where he had the original tumor removed that had spread throughout his upper body and into his lungs. Cory went through four months of chemotherapy then into another surgery to remove a tumor near his lower cortex. Cory has now been clean for 14 years!

Grant Scheirich (Lead)

In Spring of 2016, Grant wasunfortunately diagnosed with Leukemia after attending a standard work relatedtesting. There has not been any family history from Scherichs side with his parents both living and clean lives, which came to a shock when Grant found out the news. He went through constant and ongoing testing throughout the summer and fall months that seemed to be stable, but sadly hit a spike in test results here in January of 2017 which may have stopped him from playing in the Tankard in Tisdale. “It was very difficult playing on the tour all season long and having the energy to take part in two or even three game days, but I am still battling through things and was glad I was able to compete here this week. I am just trying to take part and experience all the important things to me in life (family, travelling with family, etc.) just in case things take a turn for the worst, which I pray does not happen.

The team all season long, and especially this week, proved to all curlers and athletesthat it is possible to overcome simply an uncontrollable part of life and compete in the game that you love! An overall great week from Team Craig and best wishes to another successful season next year!

Team Dale Craig want to invite individuals who may be dealing with cancer or any other disability to join them for an afternoon of curling coming up in March (further details TBD). If you are interested in trying out the sport and having a blast with Team Craig (curling sticks are available for use as well) please contact Grant Scheirich at or the CURLSASK office at