Casey Books Ticket into Provincial Final

1vs2 Page Playoff Game – Laycock vs. Casey

The 1vs2 Playoff game ended up being a rematch of our extra end thriller of an A-Event Final where Team Steve Laycock was forced to draw the button for the win against Team Adam Casey for the win. Both teams came out firing with aggressive play calling and rocks in play right out of the gate in the first end. It was Laycock who got out to the early lead through three ends after Casey nearly makes a tough angle run double to remove both Laycock stones, but still left Laycock with a steal of one to go up 3-1.But Casey responded nicely with a fantastic double of his own in the fourth end after Laycock makes a nice come around corner freeze, having this one all tied up at three a piece after four ends.

Team Laycock – Steve Laycock (left), Colton Flasch (center), Dallan Muyres (right)

Team Korte – Bruce Korte (left), Kevin Marsh (right)

Skip to the8th with Casey picking up a big three-ender followed up with a steal in the 9th, winning this one by running Laycock out of stones with a score of 8-5. Laycock will now drop down into the semi-final and face off with Bruce Korte in an all Saskatoon battle tomorrow morning with a start time of 9:30 a.m.

A side note on the remarkable recovery of lead Dustin Kidby of Team Casey. Where Kidby left the competition earlier in the week including the absence of a full game with a shoulder injury, having to see a doctor to get his shoulder popped back into place. Kidby seems to be recovering very well and will look for one more win Sunday afternoon!

Page 3vs4 Playoff Game – Korte vs. Hartung

Another great start next door on sheet three between Hartung and Korte with each team trading singles, where we saw Korte leading 2-1 heading into the fifth end break. This one picked up in the sixth where we started to witness some perfectly placed freezes and angles made by both teams, creating a clutter near the button area. Kody was left with a tough slash double for his single but hits it a little too thin ending in a steal of one and a 3-1 lead for Korte. Hartung makes a great draw in the 7th to take his single and remain one point back of Korte, but a couple great shots by third Kevin Marsh including a cross the house double sets up a deuce for Korte in the 8th end. 5-3 coming home and Korte eventually runs Hartung out of rocks and takes it by a final score of 5-3. Korte will now play against Laycock tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. in the semi final, with the winner meeting up with Casey in the final tomorrow at 2:30 p.m.!

Photo Credit:Devan Tasa

Team Hartung – Kody Hartung (Skip)