SK Junior Men's & Women's Daily Blog #6

Junior Men

Happy Curling Day to all Sask curlers and fans. Today we had an evening draw our first of four in the Seeding Pool. Team Kleiter played and easily was able to win Team Northwest Territories. Tomorrow we have a 9 am draw and a 2pm draw. We have been enjoying the mild weather in Victoria and the very tasty seafood. Thanks to all our fans who have been supporting us.

Junior Women

Happy Curling Day in SK!! We hope everyone is enjoying watching all the curling action in Saskatchewan and across the country as well as celebrating our Official Provincial Sport! We celebrated by moving on to the Championship round at the Junior Nationals!! That was the Step 1 Goal for the team. This first- time- to- junior- nationals team has more than held their own and showed they belonged. They gave a front running Alberta absolutely everything they could handle in Game 6 last night and only lost on an amazing through the port, in-off double by Alberta in the extra end. This is the second day in a row where we have only had to play an evening game. It has given us some time to tour around, try out some different food places – the best cinnamon buns in Victoria are in a bakery right beside the arena – and do some shopping. Apparently the lululemon store is waaaay bigger here. The coach found a nice little boutique too and the team approved the new purchases! It is a nice break as we now move into our next four games against the Pool B teams. So on to Step 2 Goal and that is to aim for the weekend medal rounds. We play in 3 straight draws, have Thursday evening off and then go back for the final RR game Friday morning. They will all be tough games but the team is playing well and getting stronger every game out. Ambrosia Apples is the major title sponsor of the Junior Nats and every day they hand out apples to everyone – spectators, players, volunteers – everybody!! I swear that is why we are all feeling quite well at the mid-point of this trip. I think it is living proof of the apple a day saying.

Enjoy Curling Day and keep cheering hard from afar!

Kaitlyn, Sara, Rayann and Shantel – Team SK