Busy Day 2 at Viterra Scotties in Melville!

Silvernagle Sits Atop Leaderboard After Day 2

After a three game day here at the Viterra Scotties in Melville, the standings board is starting to shape up as we near championship weekend! Robyn Silvernagle out of the North Battleford Twin Rivers Curling Club is one of the teams at the top of the leaderboard at a 4-0 record.Many teams still in the playoff hunt heading into Day 3, check out a quick overview of each teams day:

Robyn Silvernagle –Theteam stays hot and keeps on rolling with two wins today which improves their record to 4-0.

Stefanie Lawton –Great come from behind win against Barker this morning scoring four points in the final two ends, as well as a big win in the evening draw against Schneider. With a tough loss for Lawton from Selzer in the afternoon will bring her record to 4-1.


Chantelle Eberle –With the bye in the morning, Eberlesplits her afternoon and evening games with a win over Schneider and an extra end loss to Martin pushing her record to 2-2.

Brett Barber –The team rebounded picking up two wins out of their three game day, and currently are sitting at 3-2 heading into their bye in tomorrow morning’s draw.

Mandy Selzer –The team settles with two losses on their three game day, but a huge win in the afternoon draw giving Lawton her first loss of the week. Selzer now sits with a 2-3 record.

Penny Barker –Barker played in all three draws today suffering two losses to Lawton and Martin, but rebounded nicely in the evening draw with a strong performance against Selzer. Barker with a record of 2-2 after Day 2.

Nancy Martin –A fantastic day for Team Martin as they win all three of their games which were against Anderson, Barker, and Eberle improving their record to 3-2.

Sherry Anderson –A few tough breaks for Sherry and her team during both morning and evening draws resulting in losses to both Martin and Barber, giving her an 0-4 record.

Kim Schneider –Team Schneider putting their five women rotation into effect in this afternoons draw, experiencing losses in all three of their draws, ending up with an 0-4 record after Day 2.

Riders Join in Provincial Day of Curling at Viterra Scotties

At the Horizon Credit Union Centre in Melville we took part in some Provincial Day of Curling activities to help celebrate our provinces official sport! Over 200 elementary school children were in attendence to take in some of the women’s curling action, but we had a few other plans in store for them throughout the morning! We brought in two Saskatchewan Roughriders in Dan Clark and Jarriel King to take in some of the festivities and games with the children in the Last Rock Saloon Patch area.

There were opportunities for children to take part in the Rocks n’ Rings mini curling game, a curling bean bag toss competition, an autograph session with both Dan and Jarriel, numerous booklet activities, and other fun stuff!! The children had the opportunity to take in both the action as well as the activities in the Patch area throughout the morning to assist in introducing them to the sport of curling.

Once the children left back to school around the lunch hour, Dan and Jarriel snuck in to the arena to take in some of the action themselves.They were impressed with the skill and accuracy the curlers on the ice were displaying rock after rock, and thought they may stick with the game they know best, but do want to get on the ice some time and give it a try themselves!

The boys joined forces with our wonderful commentary crew (Shawn Joyce and Kim Hodgson) during a few ends of the morning draw to chat and learn more about the game of curling! Job well done everyone!

620 CKRM radio station was on location during the afternoon draw to conduct interviews with some of the players and other special guests during its edition of “Sports Cage” with Mitchell Blair. Former Brier champion Pat Simmons (below)was taking in some of the action today and joined infor an interview segment with Mitchell!

Photo Credit:Brian Morris