Viterra Scotties Women's Provincial – Draw #1

Silvernagle vs. Anderson

The game sprung into action in the second end when Anderson missed a double opportunity against three Silvernagle counters, leaving Silvernagle a shot for three. Anderson responded nicely with three straight single points to knot this up at 4-4 heading into the 8th end. Coming home in the 10th end, Silvernagle has a counter sitting on the side of the button, but with Andersons final freeze nearly perfect forces Silvernagle to draw the other side of the button for the win, and a great judge by the sweepers all the way down the sheet, she counts her second point and seals the victory.

Selzer vs. Eberle

In the 2nd end, Selzer attempts a come around through a tight port to score two points, but ends up racking on the guard ending in a steal of one for Eberle. Eberle kept things rolling into the 3rd end as Selzer is forced into another tough shot against a few Eberle counters with Eberle picking up a steal of three leading 5-0 after four ends of play. Selzer did not go away as she picks up a pair of deuces in ends five and eight, followed up with a steal in the 9th end. But coming home in the 10th, Eberle runs Selzer out of rocks and takes this one with a score of 8-5.

Lawton vs. Martin

Lawton came out of the gate strong with an open hit in the 1st end for a big three points. After teams traded deuces in the 5th and 6th ends, Martin is forced to make a great shot in the 7th to pick up her single point. Fast forward to the 9th end and Lawton with a rock buried on the top of the button forces Martin in a tough in off for the single, but is unable to roll to the button area. Lawton then runs Martin out of rocks in the 10th end to pick up the 9-5 victory.

Barber vs. Schneider

With the score 0-0 after two ends of play, Barber with her last stone jams with Schneiders rock in the back twelve to allow Kim a hit and roll to score her two points. With both teams scoring two point ends in the 5th and 6th, Schneider picks up a steal in the 8th end to go up 6-3. But Barber responds quickly in the 9th with a deuce of her own, and down one coming home without hammer. With Schneider not having much time left on her time clock, is forced to make a tough draw to grab a piece of the four foot for the win, which ends up slipping a little deep and Barber picks up the steal to take the game 7-6.


Draw 2 begins tonight at 7:30 p.m.!