Lawton & Silvernagle Open with Two-Win Days

Stefanie Lawton and Robyn Silvernagle jump ahead of the field earlyafter Draw 2 concluded this evening, both sitting at the top of the standing board as of now with 2-0 records. Stefanie Lawton battled with Brett Barber tonight (both winning their openers) and we witnessed a back and forth matchup all night long. Both teams were tied up after the break at 4-4, while it was Lawton who broke out to a large lead with three point ends in the 7th & 9th, eventually running Barber out of stones and taking a 10-7 win.

Our featured webcast game tonight included Mandy Selzer vs. Nancy Martin, which saw Selzer hold on to a 4-3 lead heading into the 7th end. Selzer took advantage of a few Martin mistakes and ended up scoring a huge four point end in the 7th to ultimately seal the deal with a 10-5 win.

Meanwhile, Sherry Anderson faced off with Penny Barker and it was Anderson jumping out to a 4-1 lead heading into the break. Barker then responded right away in the 6th with a quick score of three, followed up with a steal of one. After both teams traded deuces and Barker picking up a three ender, this one needed an extra end. Barker having the last stone advantage did not waste using it and scored her single point to take it 9-8.

Last but not least Robyn Silvernagle went head to head with Chantelle Eberle, with both teams winning their opening game this afternoon. Both teams making fabulous shots throughout the game saw a back and forth battle take place, but it was Silvernagle who scored the only two multi point ends throughtout this one that made the difference as she takes this game 6-4.

Next action begins tomorrow at 10am during our Provincial Day of Curling in Saskatchewan! Make sure to contact your local clubs for activities that may be occurring throughout the day! Or if your in Melville stop by the Horizon Credit Union Centre!

Photo Credit:Brian Morris