SK Junior Men's & Women's Daily Blog #3

Junior Men

Team Kleiter fought hard today we battled hard today with 2 Ontario Teams the games were very close . Our Third today Trevor Johnson was on fire today as he made shoots that seemed impossible. Tomorrow we have a day off we will recuperate and come back fighting in true Team Kleiter fashion.

Junior Women

Hello SK curling fans from the Coach! Thanks for following the team. The players are getting lots of Instas (to quote Curling Canada media guru Al Cameron) and Snaps. Apparently it’s only us old folks now that use Twitter. Just when I kind of figured it out. Teams have the option to have late practices and we chose to take advantage of the extra ice time Saturday evening on the outstanding arena ice. By the time we got back to the hotel on Saturday night it was past 11:00PM. We figured that CURLSASK’s Mat Ring, who kindly posts the blogs, would be sound asleep especially considering the 2 hour time zone change. We are now 2 games into the 2017 Junior Nationals. Both games have been of the wild and woolly variety and coming down to last shots. The team is adjusting nicely to the arena ice and is playing well. Two wins is a nice way to start. The coach is learning all sorts of new things too – like I have to take off my toque when I go out for a time out!! It’s a little chilly sitting behind the team so thank fully I came prepared as if I was going to a winter Rider game with all my gear. The organizing committee has done an amazing job to set up the Athlete’s lounge. Food and chocolate milk galore. What could be better as a junior curler? The team and parents had a great lunch together after the Sunday morning game as the team is off until the 7PM draw this evening. We went back to the arena to cheer on the SK Junior Men as they were playing a tough Ontario team. Back into game mode now as the team has our touch base meeting before we head off to play undefeated Newfoundland this evening.

Keep cheering hard as we love the love that is coming our way.

Coach Susan on behalf of Kaitlyn, Sara, Rayann and Shantel – Team SK W