Viterra "Last Chance" Provincial Qualifier Begins Tomorrow!

Well the time has come, and the last stop on the road to Melville for Saskatchewan’s Women’s teams begins this weekend at the Viterra Scotties “Last Chance” qualifying spiel. The action begins Friday January 13 with the first draw slated to start at 4 p.m.. Three spots are up for grabs this weekend for a trip to provincials in Melville, which takes place Jan.24-29, 2017. There is a mix ofboth familiar faces, along with great up and coming young women’s teams who will be hitting the ice at the Regina Highland Curling Club. Let us take a look at the teams participating this weekend.

  1. Team Alyssa Despins (Saskatoon Nutana Curling Club)
  2. Team Lorraine Arguin (Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre)
  3. Team Jolene Campbell (Regina Highland Curling Club)
  4. Team Kaitlin Corbin (Regina Callie Curling Club)
  5. Team Darlene Gillies (Kindersley Curling Club)
  6. Team Stefanie Lawton (Saskatoon Nutana Curling Club)
  7. Team Breanne Meakin (Regina Highland Curling Club)
  8. Team Nancy Martin (Saskatoon Nutana Curling Club)
  9. Team Rae Ann Williamson (Regina Callie Curling Club)
  10. Team Deana Schenher (Melville Curling Club)
  11. Team Mandy Selzer (Balgonie Curling Club)
  12. Team Stasia Wisniewski (Regina Callie Curling Club)

The three teams who receive a provincial berth this weekend, will join the 9-team round robin format at the Viterra Scotties, which is a new format implemented for this years championship.

Teams already qualified for provincials are:

  1. Team Chantelle Eberle (Regina Callie Curling Club)
  2. Team Sherry Anderson (Delisle Curling Club)
  3. Team Robyn Silvernagle (North Battleford Twin Rivers Curling Club)
  4. Team Kim Schneider (Kronau Curling Club)
  5. Team Penny Barker (Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre)
  6. Team Brett Barber (Biggar Curling Club)

Follow along with the scores/results all weekendhere.

Good Luck, Good Curling, & Safe travels to all teams heading to Regina!