2017 Junior Men's & Women's Provincial Wrap-up

The 2017 Junior Men’s & Women’s Provincial Championship was hosted at the Melfort Curling Club this past week. The competition at this years championship providedthe spectators, volunteers, and other individualsthe outstanding atmosphere curling is all about!

Junior Men’s Championship

The Rylan Kleiter rink (Saskatoon Sutherland Curling Club) demonstrated a week to remember at this years Junior Men’s Provincial, using their valuable experience from previous years. They earned a spot in the Page 1-1 game against Team Travis Tokarz of the Regina Callie Curling Club. A great match between the two squads came down to the final end of play where Kleiter needed a deuce to secure a 7-6 victory and a bye into the championship final Sunday morning. Meanwhile, in the Page 2-2 game, Team Brayden Stewart (Saskatoon Sutherland Curling Club) met up with Team Carson Ackerman also of the Saskatoon Sutherland Curling Club. Stewart got out to a quick 5-1 lead after four ends and never looked back as his team took a 9-5 win and would play Tokarz in the semi final. The semi final got off to a back and forth start with Tokarz taking a 4-3 lead into the eighth end. But Stewart responding with three straight steals ended up taking this one 7-4 and a showdown with Kleiter in the provincial final.

2017 Junior Men’s Provincial Champions.(Left to right) Rylan Kleiter (Skip), Trevor Johnson (Third), Joshua Mattern (Second), Matthieu Taillon (Lead), Dean Kleiter (Coach). Saskatoon Sutherland Curling Club

2017 Junior Men’s Provincial Finalists.(Left to Right) Brayden Stewart (Skip), Anthony Neufeld (Third), Jared Latos (Second), Andrew Hodgson (Lead), Andrea McEwen (Coach). Saskatoon SutherlandCurling Club.

Once Sunday morning rolled around, both teams were ready to roll bright and early. Great start to this final with a 1-1 tie after four ends of play. But Kleiter turned it on after that with a big score of three in the fifth end followed up with a steal in six to take a 5-1 lead and the eventual victory of 6-2. Team Kleiter will now represent Saskatchewan at this years Canadian Junior Men’s Championships in Victoria, British Columbia January 21-29, 2017.

Congratulations gentlemen!

2017 Saskatchewan Junior Men’s Richardson All-Star Awards
Wes Richardson All-Star Lead – Braden Fleischhacker (Team Dales)
Sam Richardson All-Star Second – Jared Latos (Team Stewart)
Arnold Richardson All-Star Third – Drew Springer (Team Tokarz)
Ernie Richardson All-Star Skip – Rylan Kleiter (Team Kleiter)
A&A Ford Coach – Dean Kleiter (Team Kleiter)

Randy Woytowich Sportsmanship Award – Rylan Kleiter (Team Kleiter)
Curling Canada & Asham Curling Supplies Coach – Andrea McEwen (Team Stewart)

Congratulations to all recipients!

Junior Women’s Championship

The Melfort Curling Club had a busy weekend on their hands as they were host to both the Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s Provincial Championships. Job well done!

After round robin play, it was Team Stasia Wisniewski (Regina Callie Curling Club) and Team Jessica Mitchell (Saskatoon Sutherland Curling Club) who finished at the top of their pools and met in the Page 1-1 game Saturday night. After six ends of play, it was Wisniewski clinching on to a 4-3 lead with momentum heading into the seventh end. But Mitchell responded nicely with a big score of three, followed with back to back steals taking this one with a final score of 8-4. This then dropped Wisniewski down to play the eventual winner of the Page 2-2 game in Team Kaitlyn Jones (Regina Callie Curling Club) and Team Kaitlin Corbin also of the Regina Callie Curling Club. A back and forth battle all game long came down to the 10th and final end, with Jones having the edge in a 5-4 score. Jones would then meet up with Wisniewski in the semi final early Sunday morning. All knotted up after four ends of play at 2-2, Jones then jumped out with two straight steals to take a 6-2 lead after six ends of play.

2017 Junior Women’s Provincial Champions.(Left to Right) Kailtyn Jones (Skip), Sara England (Third), Shantel Hutton (Second), Rayann Zerr (Lead), Susan Lang (Coach). Regina Callie Curling Club.

2017 Junior Women’s Provincial Finalists.(Left to Right) Jessica Mitchell (Skip), Courtney Olson (Third), Amanda Waterfield (Second), Danielle Waterfield (Lead), Roger Moskaluke (Coach).Saskatoon Sutherland Curling Club.

But Wisniewski was not done quite yet responding very well in both the seventh and tenth end with scores of three to send this game into an extra end. But Jones with the last rock took advantage and scored her single point to book her spot into the championship final against Team Mitchell.Championship Sunday saw an excited two teams ready to get after it! Again, another great start to the game leading into the fifth end break, with the score tied up 3-3. After both teams traded deuces in ends five and six, it was Jones with a score of four in the ninth end to seal the deal and earn the provincial championship. Jones will now represent Team Saskatchewan at the 2017 Canadian Junior Women’s Curling Championships in Victoria, British Columbia January 21-29, 2017. Congratulations girls!

2017 Junior Women’s Schmirler All-Star Awards
Marcie Gudereit All-Star Lead – Danielle Waterfield (Team Mitchell)
Joan McCusker All-Star Second – Amanda Waterfield (Team Mitchell)
Jan Betker All-Star Third – Courtney Orsen (Team Mitchell)
Sandra Schmirler All-Star Skip – Jessica Mitchell (Team Mitchell)
A&A Ford Coach – Darcy Huyghebaert (Team Corbin)

Joyce McKee Sportsmanship Award – Sarah Hoag (Team Kitz)
Curling Canada & Asham Curling Supplies Coach Award – Dave Miller (Team Wisniewski)

Congratulations to all recipients!

We want to thank the Melfort Curling Club along with their staff, volunteers, and other helping hands throughout the week that put on a great show for the players and spectators. Also a great thanks to the local sponsors that helped out in the Melfort area as well as our title sponsor in Jiffy Lube, this event simply could not have gone on without the assistance of all individuals! Here is to a great Junior season, good luck to teams moving on, and will see you all during next years competitive junior season!

Thank you!