Playoff Time Right Around the Corner at Junior Men's & Women's Provincials!

It has been an intense and exciting past few days at the Melfort Curling Club during the 2017 Junior Men’s & Women’s Provincial Championships. Teams are in the thick of things during the round robin process, looking to grab one of the top two spots in their specific pool to make the playoffs. Let us take a look at how things are shaping up so far:

Junior Men’s

In Pool A, Draw #4 for this group just finished up this afternoon, where we saw both Team Brayden Stewart (3-0) take on Team Travis Tokarz (2-1) for a chance to sharethe top spot heading into the final day of round robin play. A tight game all the way through saw a tie game at 4-4 after 7 ends of play. But it was Tokarz who answered with a single in the 8th and a big steal of two in the 9th to seal the win to move to 3-1, tied with Stewart at the top of the standings. Pool A results are below:

  1. Team Tokarz (3-1)
  2. Team Stewart (3-1)
  3. Team Vereschagin (2-2)
  4. Team Williamson (2-2)
  5. Team Wills (1-3)
  6. Team Bindig (1-3)

In Pool B, two teams are at the top of the leader-board in Team Carson Ackerman and Team Rylan Kleiter who are set to face off in the final draw Saturday morning. Crucial games for teams sitting in the middle of the pack are Team Jonathan Zuchotzki and Team Mitchell Dales as they look to improve their records in a push for the playoffs. Pool B results are below:

  1. Team Ackerman (3-0)
  2. Team Kleiter (3-0)
  3. Team Zuchotzki (2-1)
  4. Team Dales (1-2)
  5. Team Myers (0-3)
  6. Team Lang (0-3)

Junior Women’s

In Pool A, a close battle between all teams will see a tight finish as round robin winds down. Battle for top spot began this afternoon, with Team Kaitlyn Jones (3-0) taking on Stasia Wisniewski (2-1). Great game had by both teams led them into an extra end, and Wisniewski obtaining hammer took full advantage and scored her single to take a 10-9 final score. Pool A results are below:

  1. Team Wisniewski (3-1)
  2. Team Jones (3-1)
  3. Team Zankl (3-1)
  4. Team Kitz (2-2)
  5. Team Lamontagne (1-3)
  6. Team Martin (0-4)

In Pool B, Team Jessica Mitchell is leading the way, with all other five teams still seeing potential in making a playoff appearance all with a 1-2 record heading into their fourth draw. Pool B results are below:

  1. Team Jessica Mitchell (3-0)
  2. Team Skylar Ackerman (2-1)
  3. Team Jessica Thompson (1-2)
  4. Team Kaitlin Corbin (1-2)
  5. Team Ashley Thevenot (1-2)
  6. Team Hanna Anderson (1-2)

Stay tuned with all scores/results on the CURLSASK website heading into playoff weekend! Good Luck & Good Curling to all the players!