2016 Youth Curling Clinics & Spiels a Success!

Clinics Around the Province

Crazy how time flies and another year is past us. 2016 provided CURLSASK with many blessings and opportunities in the curling world, and our clinics that we offer have provided us with the opportunity to grow our sport in the province one year at at time. One of CURLSASK’s long term goals is to improve and grow the sport both at the grassroots level to allow the future of our sport to carry the legacy of great curling in Saskatchewan. The past year our province has been host to many Youth, School, Adult, and FUNCURL clinics in various cities as well as small town communities. Please take a look at some of the fun and exciting times these individuals took part in.

Is your club interested in hosting a clinic in the New Year..?? Contact Mat Ring at 306.780.9415 at the CURLSASK office and we will get you started! Let’s grow the sport of curling together!!

How Clinics Can Benefit the Community

What will your curling club look like in the next 10-15 years? Will there be as much exciting participation as it is now? This is what we see in developing and putting on Youth & Adult Clinics does to curling clubs for the future, it grows numbers and hopefully keep clubs running for that much longer. Starting children and adults at a younger age will keep them involved and ultimately put feet in the club at a later date.

“It is great to see a lot of interest from irregular curlers come out and try the sport for the first time. If we can show them in one clinic how much fun and social the game of curling is, they will for sure want to come back and play on a weekly basis. People aren’t aware how many friends you meet while on the ice, and if you are new in town we encourage you to come out and give it a try” – Local weekly curler

Tim Horton’s Youth Spiels

U15 & U18 Tim Horton’s Youth Spiels have become a popular hit for youth curlers who are looking to take part in a fun and exciting spiel opportunity. The Tim Horton’s Youth Spiels are aimed to provide a fun and non competitive environment for youth to transition into the spiel scene.

If you curling club is interested in hosting a Tim Horton’s Youth Spiel, please contact Mat Ring at the CURLSASK office at 306.780.9415 to get your spiel rolling!

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors that provide us the funding and support for all youth and adult curling clinics around the province. Without their generosity and dedication these clinics and programs simply would not exist.