Belonging to the CURLSASK organization of curling clubs offers numerous and wide spread benefits for clubs and associate members. Benefits include the ability for clubs to apply for grants, including the Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Grant to assist with club operations, host important Provincial Playdown events, offer skills clinics to your club’s curlers or draw on the resources of the CURLSASK office to assist with club development.

Viterra provides Youth & School Clinic grants that are available to clubs to help financially assist in developing these programs for years to come. The newly developed FUN:)CURL program is also supported by Viterra and has grants available to get this program rolling as well.

Whether your club is small, large, competitive, recreational, urban or rural there are several great reasons to belong to Saskatchewan’s curling community of 130+ clubs and associations. Membership includes belonging to Curling Canada with access to all their great educational, club development, grant programs, Season of Champions and TSN broadcasts.

CURLSASK Opportunities

Membership Assistance Program (MAP)

The Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust fund, through the proceeds of lottery ticket sales in Saskatchewan, provides funding to CURLSASK under the Membership Assistance Program (MAP) on an annual basis so that funds received may be allocated to Member Clubs or Clubs seeking membership with CURLSASK. VIEW BELOW TABLE FOR ADDITIONAL MAP GRANT INFORMATION!

Youth & School Clinics Grants

Viterra supports CURLSASK in providing clinic grants to assist the clubs in developing clinics within their community.

FUN:)CURL Clinic Grants

Viterra supports CURLSASK in providing clinic grants to assist the clubs in developing clinics within their community.

$15 Membership Brochure Card

All this and more is funded by the membership fee your club collects from its curlers.

Details and requirements for joining CURLSASK are found on the Membership Page.

For any questions feel free to contact CURLSASK for more information.

Membership Assistance Program (MAP)

APPLICATIONS (Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Spending Plan Report Form)

Member Clubs in good standing with CURLSASK may apply for funding under the MAP.
Membership/Affiliation means that Club Membership lists have been received and member fees have been paid.  Spending Plan Application Forms are forwarded by CURLSASK Office to all member Clubs with the Fall Membership/Affiliation Package. Applications may be submitted prior to annual confirmation of membership Club status, but will not be considered until Curling Club membership status is confirmed. New Clubs, who are actively seeking membership with CURLSASK, may be eligible for special assistance under the MAP. New Clubs may request an Application Form from the CURLSASK Office.

Only one Application funding application will be accepted annually from any Member Club.

CLICK HERE for the Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Spending Plan form.

CLICK HERE for the Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Follow-up Report

To qualify for a grant Member Clubs MUST:

  • submit a completed Spending Plan Application Form to the CURLSASK Office by January 31st for funding in the following curling season;
  • provide a Spending Plan clearly outlining the Club’s plans for usage of the requested funding (i.e. the program or project where the funding will be used);
  • demonstrate that the funding will be used in a program or project that aids in the development of curling and/or club membership. Programs or projects to increase participation among under-represented groups are strongly encouraged. Examples of Eligible Programs and Not Eligible Programs are outlined below;
  • agree to acknowledge the assistance provided by Sask Lotteries and CURLSASK in any signage or printed material or correspondence referring to the MAP grant.
  • CURLSASK administration will review all applications received and make adjustments if applicants have requested funds for ineligible programs.
  • All clubs that have made application for eligible programs will receive funding.
  • The amount of funding determined for each club will be based on the formula outlined in Appendix A.
  • CURLSASK administration will recommend funding amounts to CURLSASK Board of Directors for review and approval prior to the clubs being notified.
  • Clubs MAY NOT proceed with the program/project until CURLSASK approval for the MAP grant has been received. (Retroactive or pre-funding for projects outside the fiscal year will not be considered.)
  • Approval letters and MAP Follow-Up Forms are sent to all member Clubs that are approved for MAP funding, c/o the Club Contact that completed the application.
  • A completed MAP Follow-up Report, along with applicable receipts, must be submitted to the CURLSASK Office before payment of the grant will be forwarded.

CLICK HERE for the Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Follow-up form.

Follow-up reports must include:

  1. be complete and include copies of receipts or other forms of acceptable documentation to verify expenditures for the program/project; and,
  2. be submitted to CURLSASK Office at the conclusion of the program/project, but no later than January 31st, in the season the grant has been approved.
  3. Have documentation (receipts) to verify expenditures can take various forms but should at a minimum:
  4. Indicate name of recipient (person or business) of the funds
  5. Describe goods or services provided for payment
  6. Disclose the amount of the payment
  7. Include the date that the goods/services was purchased (must be within the MAP grant year)
  8.  Include third party verification (supplier logo on an invoice, signature of the recipient on an expense claim, or in the rare case where there is no other backup documentation, a copy of the cheque, with the bank clearing stamp on the back)

NOTE: Legible copies of documents for financial accountability (ie. receipts, cancelled cheques, invoices, expense claims, etc.) are acceptable. Original documents are not necessary for submission to CURLSASK but should be maintained by the member club submitting the MAP grant follow-up report.

Follow-up Reports will not be considered until confirmation of CURLSASK Membership/Affiliation.

Grants will be provided to programs that aid in the development of curling and club membership.

Examples of ELIGIBLE programs are as follows:

  • Novice Clinics Intermediate Clinics Replacement of Rock Handles
  • Ice Technician Certification Junior Development Program Open House
  • Coaches Certification Training Programs Measuring Sticks
  • Instructional Aids Officials Upgrading Ice Scrapers
  • Brooms & Sliders Junior Rocks Juvenile/Novice Bonspiel Trophies
  • Instructional Tapes/Resources Ice Paint/Ice Ribbon Curl for Kids
  • Tables & Chairs Carpet/Linoleum Power & electrical costs
  • Kitchen repairs or equipment Building & Plant Maintenance Score Boards
  • Staff Wages (full or part time) Bonspiel Prizes Research projects or feasibility studies Cash Prizes Display Cases
  • Postage/GST & PST
  • Club Newsletters Social Events (BBQ’s, lunches etc.) Vacuums
  • Ice Rental costs Alcoholic Beverages Advertising
  • Capital expenditures (any improvement to the building) Out of Province Travel Expenses

Any expense for which other grant dollars have been used (Two different grants can not be used to pay the same dollar of expense, whether the grant comes from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund or any other granting agency)

Any other expense deemed to be ineligible by CURLSASK or Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund.

Base Amounts:

 Each eligible curling club applying will be provided a base amount of MAP Funding as outlined below.

Number of Sheets of Ice

Population of Community

1 to 3

4 & 5

6 & 7

8 & 9

10 or more

Under 4500  $   550.00  $    850.00  $1,150.00  n/a  n/a
4500 to 10,000  $   650.00  $950.00  $1,300.00  n/a  n.a
10,000 to 50,000  $   800.00  $ 1,000.00  $1,450.00  $  1,600.00  $  1,850.00
over 50,000  $   950.00  $ 1,150.00  $1,600.00  $  1,750.00  $  2,000.00

Member’s Bonus:

The standard for number of members per sheet is 22.

22 was determined based on statistical averages of the affiliated curling clubs in the under 4500 population communities.

Clubs that average 22 members or less per sheet receive no member’s bonus

Clubs that have more than 22 members per sheet will receive an additional specified dollar amount per member above standard. (Ex. Club that has average members per sheet of 50, would receive 28 times the specified dollar amount for their member bonus amount)

The specified dollar amount will be determined yearly. It will be based on the total amount of requests and MAP funding available for members after the base amounts have been allocated.

NOTE:  The CURLSASK Board of Directors have approved the Membership Bonus for 2017/2018 as $20.00 per additional member above average.  To determine your club’s average Members per sheet – Divide total 2016-17 membership number by # of sheets of ice.

DEADLINE DATES: The date for submission for the Spending Plan Application for the upcoming season AND the Follow-up Report for the previous season is January 31st each year.