Affiliate Clubs
All curlers, whether competitive, recreational or rental league participants are required to pay $10 per person to join CURLSASK.img_00000123 This fee also provides membership status with Curling Canada (CC).   Affiliate Clubs will collect the fees on behalf of CURLSASK and will submit them along with a Club Membership List and the CURLSASK Membership Form by December 15th.  A club will be considered a Member (affiliated) upon receipt of a completed CURLSASK Membership form, Member List and dues. Members under the age of 12 are required to be listed on the Membership List but are not required to pay the $10.00 fee.
For those clubs that open in January or start new leagues in January, lists and dues are to be submitted by January 31st.

Associate Member
Associate Member Fee is $300 per organization. The $10 per member fee is charged to those individual members in the Associate Member who are not currently player members of an Affiliated Curling Club.

To view the CURLSASK Membership Fee Policy in detail see – FA-04 Affiliate & Associate Fees Policy.

CURLSASK Associate Member Online Fillable Form

CURLSASK Club Membership – Online Fillable Form HERE

Note:  Above forms may be completed online and printed for mailing to CURLSASK.

Membership Reporting to CURLSASK

Membership reporting is important to the development of curling in the province. CURLSASK must submit annual membership information to SaskSport, the provincial funding partner, in order to receive annual funding.  As a result, each club and associate member are required to submit annual membership lists to CURLSASK in order for CURLSASK to remain eligible for this funding and it is also how CURLSASK will be able to determine how to focus on programs that will benefit our members.

Receipt of the Membership List and fees is the process that now affiliates a club with CURLSASK.

Membership List Templates to Use

If your club already uses a form to record your player members, leagues etc. that’s great!  If not, CURLSASK has designed a template that you can use. Each of your members could complete the form and then the information could be transferred to a list to submit to CURLSASK.  If you would like the template to re-design to suit your club’s needs…..let us know!  Call or email anytime.  Or DOWNLOAD this one!

For reporting to CURLSASK feel free to use one of the template forms below to report the required Membership information. Download the form (Microsoft Excel format) or contact the CURLSASK Office to have one emailed to you.  If your Club/Association submitted a list last season, contact the CURLSASK Office to have that list emailed to the person responsible for updating your Member List.

Membership lists are due by December 15th each year.

Template 1 – Club Membership

Template 2 – Club Membership

If your club is considering the option to affiliate with CURLSASK, then take a few moments to review the numerous benefits associated with membership. CURLSASK is here to serve all clubs and organizations whether they have a competitive focus or are more community or recreationally focused. The most compelling benefit for the vast majority of clubs is the availability of the Membership Assistance Grant that provides monetary assistance for club projects and development. In some cases, the MAP grant provides more funding than the cost of the dues.

To assist with the decision to affiliate, feel free to contact one of CURLSASK Board Members, the Region Coordinator for your area or a staff member at the CURLSASK office.