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Brushing Details

Effective in all Travelers Club Championship play (club, region & provincials), CURLSASK recommends the use of WCF approved brushes as outlined in the brushing Moratorium.

The moratorium will not be enforced in Travelers play but all players are expected to sweep with synthetic brush heads (NO HAIR BRUSHES) & remove plastic inserts in their brush heads.

Competition Dates

Check with your club to see how their Club Champion is declared!!

  • 2017 National Championship:
    November 20-25, 2017 ~ Kingston, Ontario
  • Region Playdowns:
    February 23-March 5, 2018 ~ TBD
  • Provincial Championship:
    March 16-19, 2018 ~ Humboldt
  • 2018 National Championship
    Nov.19-24, 2018 ~ TBD

*All region dates and sites will be updated shortly.

Deadlines & Important Dates

Tuesday February 20, 2018 @ 12:00 p.m. (noon)

Clubs only need to confirm they are sending their club champions (Men and/or Women) to the Region Playoff – deadline for team rosters can be set by the Region.


The Provincial Championship will be a 12 team event with teams qualifying through a Region Playdown system. At the Provincial, a round robin/pool format will be used. Teams will be divided into two (2) pools of six (6) teams.

Get your team registered!

CURLSASK, in conjunction with Pointstreak, provides on-line registration and online payment for all competitions. Please follow directions carefully.

Any team member can be assigned to be the administrator for the on-line registration. The administrator will require all information for all team members.

An e-mail address can only be used by one person.

Travelers Men – Registration will open August 2017Travelers Women – Registration will open August 2017

General Information

Information Required to Register

  • Team name – It is crucial to have a different team name for each competition entered (ie: Team curler-mens, Team curler-senior mens, etc.)
  • Team line up
  • All team members full addresses, e-mail, phone # and birth date
  • Method of payment in full (credit card, cheque to be mailed)

Please note, you will also receive an e-mail confirms that you have created an account this is not a confirmation of event entry.


  • Pointstreak does not store your credit card number on their server.
    Your credit card information is erased from their system immediately after validation with their clearing house.
  • Pointstreak treats the privacy of your data seriously. Their corporate policies and procedures are compliant with all Canadian and US legislation regarding the privacy of electronic information and personal data. Their servers are protected by the latest security technology to provide the highest level of protection possible. Please contact Pointstreak at 1-866-734-3585 should you have any questions regarding their security or privacy procedures.


  • Registering your team provides CURLSASK the ability to use and disclose information from individuals for the purpose of providing services or information, managing records, conducting research and sharing information to other curling or sports organizations at the discretion of CURLSASK.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation prior to the registration deadline – full refund of competition registration fees.
  • Cancellation after the registration deadline – no refund of competition registration fees. Under special circumstances written application for refund can be made to CURLSASK Finance Committee for consideration.
2016-2017 General Rules of Competition2016-2017 Competitor & Coach Code of Conduct


  1. Affiliation
    1. Only those clubs that are affiliated with CURLSASK may participate in the competition.
    2. All participants must be player members of CURLSASK. Player Members are defined as persons who are members of CURLSASK Affiliate Member Curling Clubs. All participants must adhere to the CURLSASK Residency Policy.
  2. Entry Information/Fee/Deadline
    1. Each affiliated curling club may declare ONE men’s team and ONE women’s team that will represent their club at their respective men and women region playdown outlined in the Playdown Procedures below.
    2. The club will declare teams of FOUR (4) players to represent their club through either their normal league or club championship process OR through a designated Travelers Curling Club Championship competition within the club. The declared teams, through either process, MUST have at least three players that have played together in a sanctioned club league during the current season. A replacement fourth player (i.e. a player who did not play regularly on that team throughout the season) MUST play lead. Players who play exclusively in a major/super league without playing in another sanctioned club league are ineligible to compete.  ** Clubs that only have mixed or open leagues (i.e. no men’s and women’s leagues) must contact their Association for approval to participate. **
    3. All four players on the club team must be members in good standing of the affiliated curling club and shall participate in the competition in one club only. Any player can be a member of more than one affiliated curling club, but shall declare one ‘home club’ in this competition.
    4. Each club team will be allowed only one (1) players who has played in a Junior’s, Men’s, Women’s or Senior’s provincial in the current or previous four (4) years, or participated in a Grand Slam event in the current or previous four (4) years. (2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16). No player on the team can have played in a Canadian Junior’s, Men’s, Women’s, or Senior’s Canadian Championship for those years (i.e. national competitors are excluded as regular or replacement players on the team)
    5. Each team must be comprised of 4 players aged 19 or over, as of November 1, 2016
    6. Once club teams are determined, each team must register its four players and pay a $100 CURLSASK Registration fee to be eligible to participate in the Region Playdown.
    7. Clubs must declare their intention to send a Men’s and/or Women’s team to their respective Region playdown by the deadline of February 21, 2017. The club is responsible to verify the eligibility of their Club Championship Team(s).
    8. Players/Teams who competed in the 2016 Travelers Curling Club Championship national are ineligible to compete in the 2017 playdowns.
    9. Coaches are not formally recognized in this event. Coaches present with teams will not have access to the ice surface or designated seating.
    10. Travelers has the sole authority to grant exceptions to these rules in extraordinary circumstances. Before exercising this discretion, Travelers will consult with the relevant Provincial/Territorial curling association, and will notify the Provincial/Territorial association in writing of any decisions regarding exceptions that are granted.


  1. Once a four person team has been declared a club champion, should a player be unable to play due to extenuating circumstances, the team will be permitted 1 (one) eligible substitute/replacement player. The substitute or replacement must meet the age eligibility requirements, be from club and play lead. It is at the discretion of each curling club to determine their replacement/substitute rules throughout their process to declare their Club Champion.
  2. At the Provincial Championship, the host club shall provide a pool of substitutes. Should a team require a substitute, they may select an eligible substitute as per the rules of the competition.


The Provincial Championship will be a 12 team event with teams qualifying through a Region Playdown system. At the Provincial, a round robin/pool format will be used. Teams will be divided into two (2) pools of six (6) teams. The top two (2) teams from each pool will advance to a page system playoff.

The province is divided into 8 Regions. Region playdowns are the responsibility of the CURLSASK Region Coordinators in consultation with the affiliated clubs within the Region.

The twelve club teams advancing to the Provincial Championship will be as follows:

  1. The Provincial Host Curling Club will receive one direct berth to the Provincial Championship for their Men’s and Women’s Club Champions.
  2. Regina and Saskatoon Region will declare 1 Region Champion per Men & Women.
  3. The remaining 6 Regions will each declare one club team per Men and Women to advance to each of the Provincial. Three additional regions will be provided an additional club team advancing to the Provincials based on high entry of the ratio of the Club Champion teams competing at the Region to the number of affiliated curling clubs in their region. Ratio ties will be broken by previous year’s ratio.
  4. Regions with no Club Champion entries will not receive representation.
  5. One region cannot send more than 2 club teams per Men and Women to the Provincial. The only exception to this would be if there are not 3 regions that have multiple clubs who have not declared teams to the region, then a 3rd club may be selected from the region with the highest entry ratio as outlined in C. 1. b.
  6. If 12 or less clubs in the province declare champions, in either men or women division, there will be no regions required and clubs who have declared by the deadline can send one club champion direct to the provincial championship. The draw format for the Provincial will be revised by the Competition Committee accordingly.
  7. Each region may choose the type of Playdown they prefer (ie: Double knockout, round robin) depending on the number of teams participating.
  8. All games are played under the CURLSASK and Curling Canada rules. All games will be eight ends and ties broken by extra ends.

Below provides information specific to each competition host site such as hotel and ticket information. This information can also be found in the Competitor Guide under the Documents Tab.



CURLSASK Liaison: Barb Swallow – 306-646-7725 – bswallow@sasktel.net

Host Committee Chairperson(s):  Pauline Ziehl-Grimsrud and Devon Fornwald – Estevan Curling Club – estevancurling@accesscomm.ca



We have the following local hotels to help assist you in securing accommodations. Mar.17-20, 2017

Suburban Extended Stay – 306-634-8332- $99.00 + taxes per night

2 Queen Beds (30 rooms blocked until Mar.10, 2017)code#2791709

Days Inn – 306-634-6456, (walking distance) $99.00+ taxes per night

2 Queen Beds (20 rooms blocked until Mar.10, 2017) code#995-810542

Western Star-306-636-9000 – $99.00 + taxes per night

2 Queen Beds (20 rooms until Mar.10, 2017)code#Travellers

Please refer to the Estevan Curling Club & the code # when booking your rooms to receive the above rates.


Luncheon tickets are provided for curlers. Extra tickets will not be available

Luncheon will be held at:  McGillicky Oilfield Lounge in the Curling Club

Saturday evening will be “A Taste of Saskatchewan” in the McGillicky Lounge.  This evening is open to everyone.


No admittance charge