Our Vision

Our vision is that Saskatchewan residents have the opportunity to participate in the province’s official sport of curling.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and develop the future of curling in Saskatchewan by providing leadership, services and programs for the curling community.

Our Values


    We are proud of curling in Saskatchewan and strive to continually improve our performance in all areas of our organization.


    We believe that we can accomplish more by working collaboratively and cooperatively and that everyone shares the responsibility for the success of our sport.

    Accessible and Approachable

    We listen to our members and partners with an open-mind. We believe that everyone should have access to our programs and services.


    We are a dynamic organization that grows through the adoption of innovative ideas.


    Our decision-making processes are fair, ethical and transparent and are based on our extensive knowledge of sport development and curling.

    Responsible and Accountable

    Our operations are based on responsible administrative practices and sound fiscal policy to meet the needs of our members.